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Educational Activities for Oral Health

1 Raising the Oral Care Awareness of Expectant Mothers

In every district of Shanghai, expectant mothers in the 3rd month of pregnancy are required to register personal information regarding pregnancy and birth at a community hygiene health care center in their town. Lion Daily Necessities Chemicals (Lion Qingdao) cooperates with the Shanghai Instruct and Service Center for Population and Family Development, a municipal government department, to promote the importance of oral care during pregnancy. Oral care gift sets that contain a leaflet titled “Oral Care Directions for Soon-to-Be Mothers,” a Systema toothbrush and toothpaste (both products sold by Lion Qingdao) are distributed to expectant mothers who come to the health care center to register. The oral care gift sets have been provided to 250 thousand expectant mothers every year since 2014.

Oral care gift sets given to expectant mothers

“Oral Care Directions for Soon-to-Be Mothers” leaflet

Handing out the oral care gift set

2 Supporting the Maternity Class

Since 2013, maternity classes have been held annually at about 200 obstetrics and gynecology hospitals located in 15 cities in China. The maternity classes are conducted for soon-to-be mothers to support them as they prepare to give birth.

At the maternity class, since expectant mothers tend to be especially susceptible to oral health issues, lectures on oral care are given periodically. Lion Qingdao supports this lecture by providing oral care products and information on correct oral care to the hospitals. Oral care gift sets containing an “Oral Care Directions for Soon-to-Be Mothers” leaflet, a Systema toothbrush and toothpaste (both products sold by Lion Qingdao) are provided to all participants. Approximately 150 thousand expectant mothers participate in the maternity class every year.

Lecture at the Maternity Class

Areas where the Maternity Class was held in 2016

3 Collaborating with the Largest Dental Clinic in China

Since 2013, with the aim of promoting oral health, Lion Qingdao has collaborated with the BYBO Dental Group, the largest private dental medical group in China. Lion Qingdao provides oral care products such as Systema toothbrushes and Systema toothpaste (both products sold by Lion Qingdao) to first-time patients at BYBO dental clinics.

Lion Qingdao also supports the oral care lectures conducted by BYBO Dental Group targeting office workers near their clinics.

Lion Qingdao’s oral care sets are distributed yearly to about 60,000 to 70,000 people in cooperation with the BYBO Dental Group.

Oral care lectures conducted at offices

Promoting oral care through products

Educational Activities for Hygiene Care Habits

1 Conducting Hand Washing Activities at Kindergartens in Shanghai

Since 2016, Lion Qingdao has supported hand washing activities aimed at children from ages three to six in kindergartens in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, children are encouraged to wash their hands before entering the kindergarten building. Lion Qingdao provides KireiKirei hand soaps (products sold by Lion Qingdao) to kindergartens for children to use at the hand washing sink.

Moreover, Lion Qingdao supports the hand washing classes conducted in kindergartens. At the hand washing classes, children are taught the importance of hand washing by their teacher, and every child receives a KireiKirei Health Diary, which contains instructions on correct hand washing techniques and timings.

In 2016, the KireiKirei Health Diary was distributed to approximately 30,000 children in 104 kindergartens.

Children washing their hands

The correct steps of hand washing are shown on the restroom walls

Children holding the KireiKirei Health Diary

2 Hand Washing Promotion for Children at English Learning Classes in Shanghai

Lion Qingdao promotes the importance of hand washing to children at English learning classes in Shanghai by providing KireiKirei hand soap (product sold by Lion Qingdao). With the hope of making hand washing entertaining for children, Lion Qingdao posts the “Happy Hand Washing” slogan and hand washing steps stickers on restroom mirrors.

In 2016, this activity was conducted in 75 English learning classes.

The restroom mirror

3. Setting up the “Moving Hand Wash Sink” in Big Parks in Shanghai

In Shanghai, spring and autumn are the most popular seasons to spend time outdoors, and many people gather at parks. However, there are not many places for them to wash their hands before eating and drinking in parks. In May, October and November 2016, Lion Qingdao established the “Moving Hand Wash Sink” in big parks in Shanghai. At the “Moving Hand Wash Sink,” people are taught how to wash their hands correctly, and the KireiKirei Health Diary, which instructs correct hand washing techniques and timings, is distributed to all participants. In 2016, about 30,000 people used the “Moving Hand Wash Sink.”

People using the “Moving Hand Wash Sink”