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February 1, 2005

Lion Launches a New Dentor Systema Interdental Brush
A unique design ensures smooth insertion and outstanding durability for effective cleaning care even between the back teeth where "biofilm," or the communities of bacteria that cause periodontal disease, easily forms.

Lion Corporation (President: Sadayoshi Fujishige) announces the nationwide March 5, 2005 release of its Dentor Systema Interdental Brush. Featuring an L-shape design developed exclusively by Lion, this brush provides smooth insertion and excellent durability that allow users to effectively clean interdental spaces, even those between the back teeth where the biofilm, or the communities of bacteria that cause periodontal disease, easily forms.

1. Objective of introducing the new product

People in their 30s and older get increasingly concerned about the state of their interdental spaces, with 25% of them using an interdental brush. Among people aged 60 to 64, however, interest in interdental brushing has been growing rapidly and the percentage of interdental brush users is about 40%, with a 1.5-fold increase in use over the previous year (according to the results of a survey conducted by Lion in 2003).

The main impetus that people cite for starting to use interdental brushes is "Because my dentist or dental hygienist recommended that I do so" (63%). The main reasons people give for using interdental brushes include "to remove food particles from teeth," "to clean teeth," and "to prevent periodontal disease" (44%). In its "Healthy Japan 21"* campaign, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has set a target of having more than 50% of people in their 40's and 50's use some sort of interdental cleaning tool by 2010. In this context, public interest in the use of interdental brushes to prevent periodontal disease looks set to continue to rise.

At the same time, however, according to a survey conducted by Lion, approximately 50% of interdental brush users complain that "the wire doesn't last." In response to this, Lion has developed the L-shaped Dentor Systema Interdental Brush, which is highly durable and easily reaches the back teeth, an area that is susceptible to the formation of biofilm, which is the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. We recommend that customers use this brush on a regular basis together with our Dentor Systema Medicated Interdental Gel (being introduced simultaneously to the market) as part of a regimen to prevent interdental periodontal disease.

Lion has developed and enhanced the Dentor Systema brand as a comprehensive system designed to completely eliminate periodontal disease, and it has become a powerful driving force in the oral care market.

* "Health Japan 21": The shortened name for "People’s Health Promotion Campaign for the 21st Century", which sets health targets for fiscal 2010 focusing on important topics related to health and the medical treatment of "lifestyle diseases" including periodontal disease.

2. Product Features

(1) L-shaped contour that allows smooth insertion even between the back teeth
(2) Exclusive design for outstanding durability
Ultra-strong wire that resists bending and being pushed out of shape and a tapering nozzle for added wire strength result in a brush with outstanding durability.
(3) Compact head allows for easy maneuverability inside the mouth
(4) Long handle for easy grip
The long (108 mm) handle allows for reach to the back teeth for complete dental care.
(5) Sizes to match every need
SSS size
(extremely small wire diameter):
For areas such as the front teeth where the spaces between teeth are particularly narrow.
SS size
(small wire diameter):
For front teeth or for back teeth located in areas that have frequent outbreaks of periodontal disease.
M size
(medium wire diameter):
For areas with wider spaces between teeth, such as areas where the gums have receded, or where
a bridge has been fitted.
(6) Lion proposes new dental habits through the combined use of the Dentor Systema Interdental Brush with Dentor Systema Medicated Interdental Gel

Lion's Dentor Systema Medicated Interdental Gel (which is being introduced to the market simultaneously with the Dentor Systema Interdental Brush and is specifically formulated for use with interdental brushes) applies concentrated and long-lasting antibacterial ingredients on the gums between teeth, where periodontal disease is most likely to occur.

With the goal of achieving "zero periodontal disease," Lion recommends the adoption of new dental habits though the combined use of the Dentor Systema Interdental Brush with Dentor Systema Medicated Interdental Gel.

3. Method of use

     i) Apply an appropriate amount (filling the brush, but with no overflow) of Dentor Systema Medicated Interdental Gel to the Dentor Systema Interdental Brush. The brush can also be dipped into a gel-filled brush cap or other small container.

     ii) Insert the Dentor Systema Interdental Brush straight into the spaces between the teeth and brush back and forth several times. Cleaning is more effective if the brush is inserted from both the buccal (cheek) and lingual (tongue) sides. Rinse lightly after use.

4. Contents and price

Product name Contents Recommended retail price
Dentor Systema Interdental Brush SSS size 8 brushes No recommended retail price
SS size
M size

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