Global Research Activities

Expanding Our Products Overseas Using the Strengths of Our Japanese Brands

We localize our brands originating in Japan for local market overseas. Working with local partners in other countries, we are building a collaborative framework within the Lion Group in pursuit of greater efficiency and growth.

Advancing R&D by Integrating Globalization and Localization

Lion is advancing glocalization* to expand the scale of its overseas operations. In our R&D operations, we station researchers in the countries where we do business as needed in order to investigate local living habits, discover business opportunities that do not exist in Japan and develop new products accordingly.

* Despite the uniformity of basic product contents across countries and regions, it is still necessary to adjust fragrances, packaging, unit size and other parameters to specific needs and preferences in each area. Accordingly, we maintain a global perspective while analyzing and understanding the trends and characteristics of each country and region to advance regional product development in cooperation with the research and development divisions in each county.

R&D Case Study—Global Research Activities