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Development of the BATHOLOGY In-Bath Skin Care Series

Understanding Why Skin Rapidly Dries Out after Bathing and Creating Technologies to Combat Dryness

During bathing, water is absorbed by the skin, making it feel moisturized, yet many people feel that once they have toweled off, their skin is left overly dry. To understand the cause of this dryness, Lion advanced research into the steps of bathing and confirmed that the steps of washing the body and soaking in hot water carry the risk of causing skin dryness after bathing.

When washing the body, the friction of washing implements against the surface of the skin leaves it vulnerable to drying out. To reduce this friction, Lion focused on the potential of using a fine, rich foam to provide a cushioning effect while pulling grime away from the skin (Figure 1). Accordingly, Lion began development seeking to create a type of body soap that that would emerge from the bottle as a fine, rich foam suitable for washing the body with the hands. With the priorities of developing a rich foam and ensuring mildness on the skin, Lion carefully selected three cleaning ingredients, including an amino acid-based surfactant, and combined them to successfully create Foam Body Care Wash, a product that reduces the risks associated with washing.

When soaking in the bath, the keratinized cells of the horny layer of the skin absorb water and swell, resulting in intercellular gaps that allow the skin’s natural moisture to escape. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after bathing, the moisture content in the skin falls to less than the level before bathing, causing dryness (Figure 2). As an ingredient to protect the skin from drying out after bathing, Lion selected a natural clay (prepared using proprietary technology) that readily adsorbs to the skin to form a protective barrier. As a moisturizing ingredient, we selected sorbitol, a potent humectant. By combining these ingredients, we created a Body Care Bath Additive product that reduces the risk associated with soaking in the bath.

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