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Home Care Products

Helping consumers ensure day-to-day cleanliness and hygiene, Lion develops products related to clothing, food and the home. Specific examples include laundry detergents developed based on research into highly biodegradable surfactants made from plant-derived palm oil and enzymes that can easily break down various types of grime; fabric softeners that contain ultra-fine particles made using nanotechnology; dishwashing detergents and household cleaners created based on hard-surface cleaning technologies; and insecticides developed based on research into insect biology. Furthermore, we are pursuing research in such areas as efficient cleaning and antibacterial technologies. Such research is based on analyses in such areas as lifestyle trends and their effects on grime that occurs on clothing and in the home as well as mold and bacteria life cycles.

R&D Case Study—Home Care Products

External Presentation—Home Care Products

  • Annual Meeting of The Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses (2018)

    Study on the washing method of urine-smelling clothing

  • The 20th Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (2018)

    Analysis of a burden reduction effect during the laundry using liquid detergent with new value

  • The society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan (2018)

    About the touch feeling and its textile properties obtained with new laundry detergent

  • The Japan Society of Home Economics (2018)

    Effects of various microwave cookers on the microwave cooking

  • Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (2018)

    Evaluation of the Effect of the Characteristic of the Dish Washing Detergent has influence on the Psychophysiological State and Behavior

  • American Oil Chemists’ Society (2018)

    Study on bacteria flora to prevent fabric odors

  • 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

    New Methyl Ester EthoxylateDerived from C18 Fraction of Palm Oil for Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Journal of Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents (2019)

    Mold pollution and control in the bathroom

  • Product development and evaluation techniques that appeal to the sensibility of the human (2018)

    Study on evaluation techniques(self-evaluation and biometorics response) for touch feeling given with fabric softner

  • Sentaku no kagaku (2018)

    Relationship of bacteria and odor on washing and solution for suppressing the odor

  • Fragrance Journal (2018)

    Development of odor prevent technology on fabric


    Case Study of Fragrance Evaluation for Fabric Softener