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Interface Technology

An interface is the boundary between any two of the three phases of matter (solid, liquid or gas); the study of such interfaces is interface science. For more than 100 years, Lion has been involved in interface science research, producing cutting-edge detergents and other products. In recent years, Lion has developed surfactants made from plant-derived palm oil, aiming to provide more environment-friendly products. The excellent detergency and biodegradability of these surfactants have garnered widespread attention. In addition, we employ world-leading technologies to study various interfacial mechanisms, such as those that produce foam, an interface phenomenon of air and liquid, and emulsions, an interface phenomenon of oil and water. By steadily advancing such research, we are expanding our focus from surfactants to include other areas as we work to develop the cleaning technologies of the future.

R&D Case Study—Interface Technology

Research Accomplishment—Interface Technology


  • Structural Analysis of Nanoparticles and Gel Networks Formed by Chlorohydroxyaluminum by Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering

    Division of Colloid Surface Chemistry
    Sachiko Takano
  • Enhancement of Virus Inactivation of Cationic Surfactants by Sulfate Ions

    Japan Oil Chemicals’ Society
    Rei Saito
  • Dispersion stabilization of fragrance capsules in fabric softeners - Viscoelasticity control in vesicle systems based on depletion aggregation

    Japan Oil Chemicals’ Society
    Asami Miyajima
  • Synergistic effects of surfactants and chelating agents on tightly adherent keratin for simple cleaning

    Japan Oil Chemicals’ Society
    Shinya Sudo
  • Permeation Behavior of Liposoluble Substances Solubilized in Bile Salts/Phospholipid Mixture Micelles through Biological Membrane Models

    Japan Oil Chemicals’ Society
    Sara Isurugi


  • Effects of aluminum lactate and cationic cellulose containing Tooth Paste on sealing dentinal tubule

    Japan Oil Chemicals’ Society
    Miyuki Miyake
  • Purpose of establishment and activities of the “Social Health Strategy Research Institute” aiming to improve social health and realize a sustainable symbiotic society

    The Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, The Chemical Society of Japan
    Miyuki Miyake