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Development of a New Container That Is Both Original and User Friendly—NANOX

Creating the Sense of a New Category

Consumers have an unconscious sense of and expectations regarding product categories. For example, liquid laundry detergent bottles are expected to be one shape, while household cleaner bottles are expected to be another. With NANOX , however, we sought to go beyond consumers’ existing concept of liquid laundry detergent to create the sense of a new product category, namely super-concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

The development of the new NANOX container began with the consideration of several approaches, including making a half-size version of an existing liquid laundry detergent container, using a thin cylindrical shape to convey the super-concentrated nature of the detergent and employing a cube shape to powerfully express that the detergent offers high detergency and is super-concentrated. Proposed bottle designs at this stage numbered almost 100.

A New Bottle That Is Both Original and User Friendly

In addition to conveying the properties and performance of its contents, there are many other considerations that go into package design, such as usability, ease of refilling, ease of holding, visibility on store shelves and transportability.

The final NANOX container design is a very simple cube shape. Nevertheless, it has a number of special features, such as indentations that allow users to intuitively understand the pouring direction and a newly developed nozzle and cap for easy measurement and refilling.

Heightened Motivation through Success

Consumer product researchers must always think about things from the consumer’s point of view, and increase the store of knowledge and references they have to draw on by paying attention to such things as housewares, fashion and interior design trends. At the monthly plenary study meeting, designers, researchers skilled in container production, mass production specialists, individuals with a thorough knowledge of trends and a wide range of other specialized staff, no matter how new or experienced, discuss development themes and design approaches from their particular standpoints. This meeting serves as an opportunity for researchers to develop flexible thinking that is open to different opinions and cultivate deep insight.

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