Product Development

Dental and Oral Care

Consumer Products

We develop products that help ensure the oral cavity and body are not only hygienic and healthy but attractive and youthful in appearance while offering a sense of abundance and comfort to boost QOL. Specific examples include toothpastes and mouthwashes that are highly effective and pleasant to use; ergonomically designed toothbrushes; body washes that both achieve high detergency and protect the skin; shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on the skin and hair; and antiperspirants and deodorants that attack body odor at the source. Lion confirms the functionality and quality of products through objective scientific study, including clinical research into products’ effects on the human body. By doing so, we strive to develop products that are truly useful to consumers.

Pharmaceutical Products

As self-medication grows more common, consumers’ health-related needs are diversifying. In response, Lion is constantly working to develop highly functional products that leverage its proprietary technologies. This approach enables Lion to create products that have a unique market position. For example, Lion has used its proprietary technologies related to quickly dissolving active ingredients in the development of BUFFERIN analgesics and cold medicine. Lion’s technologies for the stable formulation of vitamin A have been used in Smile eye drops. Applying polymer technology, Lion created Halix topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory products, which are both gentle on the skin and highly adhesive. And Stoppa antidiarrheal products employ Lion’s oral medicine fast-disintegration technology, for relief whenever needed with just one tablet that can be taken without water. Going forward, Lion will continue to actively develop products based on its unique proprietary technologies.

Functional Food Products

In recent years, as Japan’s elderly population grows and issues arising from stress and lifestyle-related disease grow more common, interest in self-medication is rising. In line with this increase, demand for functional food products that offer effects supported by scientific evidence is also expanding. To meet this demand, Lion is advancing research using the basic technologies it has cultivated in the development of household products and over-the-counter drugs to develop new, highly functional food products.

Household Products

Helping consumers ensure day-to-day cleanliness and hygiene, Lion develops products related to clothing, food and the home. Specific examples include laundry detergents developed based on research into highly biodegradable surfactants made from plant-derived palm oil and enzymes that can easily break down various types of grime; fabric softeners that contain ultra-fine particles made using nanotechnology; dishwashing detergents and household cleaners created based on hard-surface cleaning technologies; and insecticides developed based on research into insect biology. Furthermore, we are pursuing research in such areas as efficient cleaning and antibacterial technologies. Such research is based on analyses in such areas as lifestyle trends and their effects on grime that occurs on clothing and in the home as well as mold and bacteria life cycles.