Basic Technologies

Oral Science

Eating, speaking, laughing—these and other functions of the mouth are crucial to our ability to live comfortably and enjoyably. Lion’s oral science research goes back more than a century. Aiming to improve consumers’ quality of life (QOL), we continue to build on this wealth of knowledge with research in such areas as non-destructive methods of treating dental caries, ways to reduce gingival inflammation based on molecular cytology, and the suppression of bacterial growth using proprietary biofilm models. In recent years, Lion has also partnered with external research institutions to elucidate the influence that conditions in the oral cavity have on the body’s overall health through joint research. By combining a wide range of technologies from in and outside the Lion Group, chiefly in the area of oral science, we strive to create new value through products ranging from those for oral care to food and pharmaceuticals.

Interface Science

An interface is the boundary between any two of the three phases of matter (solid, liquid or gas); the study of such interfaces is interface science. For more than 100 years, Lion has been involved in interface science research, producing cutting-edge detergents and other products. In recent years, Lion has developed surfactants made from plant-derived palm oil, aiming to provide more environment-friendly products. The excellent detergency and biodegradability of these surfactants have garnered widespread attention. In addition, we employ world-leading technologies to study various interfacial mechanisms, such as those that produce foam, an interface phenomenon of air and liquid, and emulsions, an interface phenomenon of oil and water. By steadily advancing such research, we are expanding our focus from surfactants to include other areas as we work to develop the cleaning technologies of the future.