Using Collaborative Robots in Regular Operations

We automated certain regular operations by installing collaborative robots that work alongside researchers at our R&D facilities.

Open Innovation

Lion is pursuing open innovation to provide new value to our customers.

Applying AI to Toothbrush Development

In our toothbrush R&D, we prepare and evaluate multiple prototypes in line with product concepts.

Development of Containers to Provide New Options for Daily Life

The concept of making cleaning the tub less burdensome led us to develop a new misting trigger spray bottle.

Gum Disease Prevention Technology Development Focused on the Periodontal Tissue

We identified a new action of phellodendron bark extract.

The Cutting Edge of Aspirin Research

Lion is advancing research into side-effects, working to elucidate new methods of action, and applying these insights to product development.

Developing Environmentally Friendly Containers

In light of the growing problem of marine plastics, environmentally friendly design is a crucial aspect of new container development.

Supporting Science Education

Lion provides educational support for STEM students and is a participant in the “Rico-Challe,” a campaign organized by the Cabinet Office with the aim of encouraging female students to pursue higher education in STEM fields.

Awakening the Power of Your Skin

Lion develops products that keep skin healthy.

Mint Pride

Lion uses natural mint, a classic flavor with a signature fragrance and cooling sensation.

Community Contribution Activities

Lion participates in experiment-based lessons for elementary school students, takes part in the Edogawa Environment Fair and collaborates with academic organizations.

Supporting an Event for Junior High and High School Students

We support programs in which students—the generation who will shape the future—carry out real product development and manufacturing.

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