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Creating Products and Experiences

R&D to Create Products and Experiences

Lion’s R&D style has always been to focus closely on customers, seeking to enhance health, comfort and cleanliness in everyday living. This means, of course, simultaneously creating products—advancing R&D by incorporating customer feedback and understanding evolving needs—and creating experiences—offering rich, new ways of living. By creating products and experiences within Lion and through external collaboration, we are working toward the “ReDesign” of everyday rituals.

Stories of Creating Products and Experiences

By developing kids’ toothbrushes that bend easily but are difficult to break, we are helping reduce the risks posed by children falling while brushing.
We are helping customers see brushing as a valuable opportunity for communication between parents and children.
Kid’s Series
A newly developed type of bath detergent that cleans the bathtub with no scrubbing—just mist the bathtub, wait 60 seconds, and rinse off.
This new way of cleaning, which leaves the bathtub clean without laborious effort, helps decrease the burden of housework, freeing up time and energy in everyday living.
Bath Cleansing
Lion developed a dishwashing detergent that makes water slide off dishes quickly for faster drying in order to make dish washing even more efficient.
Lion is making dish washing easier to make sharing household chores easier.
Quick Dry + (“Plus”)