R&D Policy

Lion and R&D
Itsuo Hama
Representative Director and President

R&D: The Soul of Manufacturing

For more than 120 years, Lion has focused on creating happiness by finding ways to improve the daily lives of consumers. Looking back at Lion's history, each time a crisis has threatened our future, we overcame it through product and technological development. Many of what are today mainstay Lion brands were born from such circumstances. This is the deep strength of Lion's R&D, and great source of pride for us at the Lion Group.

Bringing the Joy of R&D to Customers

The joy of working in research is one with which I myself am deeply familiar. The joy of new discovery in basic research, of finding a new mechanism or uncovering a piece of evidence not yet written about in textbooks or papers, is incredibly fulfilling as a researcher. Product development can bring both the joy of creating something new and the immense satisfaction that comes with, for example, the discovery of a new combination of ingredients that yields an increase in quality that goes beyond expectations. The dynamism of process development—seeing a product being manufactured and shipped with exactly the functions and quality it was designed to have—gives a profound sense of accomplishment. When this joy reaches our customers, creating happiness and comfort out in the wider world, I'm sure our researchers feel proud to work in Lion's R&D.

The Wellspring of Innovation

Among researchers, it is often said that success breeds success and that a person who makes a breakthrough is likely to do so again. This is probably explained by the tendency among successful researchers to pay attention to detail and notice the small and unexpected coupled with a strong drive to feel the excitement of discovery. That excitement is the wellspring of all innovation, and all the ingredients necessary to realize it are present in Lion's R&D. The spirit of tenacity and creativity of Lion's researchers enables them to dig down and tap into that wellspring. I think we can expect great things from Lion's R&D.