Promotion Framework

To create new customer life-based value and new customer experience-based value, we combine Lion’s existing technologies with other internal and external technologies, aiming to create new markets and develop new service-oriented businesses. Furthermore, we work with universities, research institutions, and companies to flexibly advance the development of products and technologies.

Lion’s fields of business range from household products, its largest category, to pharmaceuticals, foods with function claims and industrial chemicals. Our research must therefore be just as wide-ranging, and we employ researchers in not only chemistry- and biology-related fields, but a diverse array of academic disciplines. We are advancing research within our own R& divisions as well as at affiliated companies in Asia and through collaboration with research institutions in and outside Japan.

Lion’s product creation involves not only its R&D divisions, but a number of other divisions, as well. For example, the Product Planning Division handles marketing, the Intellectual Property Department deals with patents and other industrial property rights, and the Production Division handles product manufacturing. While constantly coordinating with these and other departments, our R&D divisions give ample consideration to ethical concerns in the course of their activities and work to quickly and nimbly bring the results of such research to consumers.


Lion communicates with customers through the many products that they use in their daily lives, providing Lion with insight into consumer living that is a distinct strength. Products offering new value are created through coordination between R& divisions and a range of other departments and by combining the results of our research with feedback from customers.

In addition to providing consumer-centric solutions that facilitate healthy and comfortable living, we continually incorporate various technologies and services to strengthen R& in order to better realize healthy minds and bodies for all, aiming to be an advanced daily healthcare company.