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Oral Health Care

1 Supporting Oral Care Education Classes at Kindergartens and Nurseries

The “Brighter Smiles for the New Generation” is a territory-wide oral health promotion program organized by the Hong Kong Department of Health and the Hong Kong Dental Association. In this program, oral care education classes are conducted at kindergartens and nurseries. Lion Corporation Hong Kong supports this program. (From November 2015 to June 2018.)

In the oral care education classes, children ages three to six are taught how to brush their teeth correctly in a fun manner by their classroom teacher. After the class, each child is awarded a certificate of class completion and given a Systema Kid’s Toothbrush (an oral care product of Lion Corporation Hong Kong) for use at home.

100,000 children at about 600 kindergartens and nurseries participated in this program in 2018.

Oral care education class

2 Supporting “Love Teeth Day”

“Love Teeth Day” is an oral care campaign in Hong Kong started in 2008, organized by the Hong Kong Department of Health, the Hong Kong Dental Association and the Community Chest. The aim of this campaign is to heighten public awareness of oral health. Lion Corporation Hong Kong has been supporting this campaign since 2009.

In the 2018 “Love Teeth Day,” donations were collected from Hong Kong citizens to support Oral Health Services for the needy. Those who donated more than 45 Hong Kong dollars received a “Love Teeth Day Pack” gift set of various oral care products. Lion Corporation Hong Kong has donated 55,000 Systema Toothbrushes for inclusion in the “Love Teeth Day Pack.”

The Love Teeth Day Pack