Professional Care (Preventive Dentistry Implemented by Dentistry Specialists)

The alignment of the teeth and other oral conditions are unique to each individual. Receiving professional care from dentists or dental hygienists is crucial—not just to treat dental problems, but to prevent issues like cavities and gum disease before they arise. Such care includes fluoride treatments and instruction on brushing methods suited for one’s own oral conditions. In addition, it is best to get regular checkups at a dental clinic two to three times per year to check the state of your oral conditions, including the health of the teeth and gums. Lion promotes the habit of receiving regular professional care.

Salivary Multi Test (SMT)

SMT is a five-minute testing system that can measure the levels of six analytes related to dental and oral health (cariogenic bacteria, acidity, buffer capacity, leucocytes, proteins and ammonia) in saliva collected by rinsing the mouth with 3 ml of distilled water. This allows dentists or dental hygienists to provide immediate feedback to their patients as part of a dental checkup. Knowing objectively the conditions inside their mouths helps motivate patients to engage in preventive dentistry.
Furthermore, as part of Lion’s efforts to promote preventive dentistry, this test is incorporated into the Company’s internal dental checkups and utilized to establish good oral care habits among employees.

Dental Checkups and Treatment

As part of LDH’s initiatives related to dental checkups and treatment, the Tokyo Dental Clinic implements highly professional, high-quality treatment and preventive dentistry activities tailored to individuals at all life stages, from infants to the elderly.

Participants: 5,502 (2019)

Cumulative participants: 1,864,000