Activities at Lion Corporation (Korea)

As of June 2020, some activities have been cancelled or postponed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
We plan to restart these activities when conditions improve and safety can be assured.

Oral Health Care

1 Lectures about Health Care for Local Residents

Since 2012, Lion Corporation (Korea) (“LCK”) has been contributing to the improvement of local residents’ health care by joining health care programs (promoted by local community organizations such as public healthcare centers, cultural centers and school nurse associations) and conducting health care lectures.

The content of each lecture is tailored to its target audience. Specialists assigned by LCK give lectures on a wide range of health-related topics, such as correct oral care for infants and parents, oral health management, the relationship between oral health and systemic illness, and lifestyle habits to prevent infectious diseases.

Approximately 1,000 local residents participated in 2019, for a total of 17,800 participants since 2012.

2 Running the Oral Care Consultation Room Jointly with a Public Health Center

Aiming to increase local residents’ awareness of oral health and preventive dentistry, LCK and Gwangjin-gu Public Health Center have jointly held the Oral Care Consultation Room every Tuesday since 2012. Participants learn to conduct self-checks of their dental and oral conditions and then receive individual professional examinations. Based on these, they receive personal guidance on self-care methods in accordance with their individual dental and oral needs.

A total of approximately 17,000 people, including around 1,790 people in 2019, have taken part in the Oral Care Consultation Room.

3 Guidance on Oral Care at Elementary, Junior High and High Schools

In cooperation with Seodaemun-gu Health Center and the Department of Preventive Dentistry and Public Oral Health at Yonsei University College of Dentistry, LCK has provided education to elementary, junior high and high school students since 2014.

At elementary , junior high and high schools within Seoul’s Seodaemun District, LCK has established tooth brushing facilities at which dentists and dental hygienists provide ongoing oral care education and monitoring. Dental examinations are conducted twice a year for four years with follow-ups as needed (covering students in the fourth through sixth years of elementary school and in the first through third years of junior high school and high school). In order to ensure students develop proper oral care habits, dental hygienists visit schools once a month to educate them on such habits as brushing their teeth after meals as well as on correct preventive dentistry.

In 2019, the number of schools with the tooth brushing facilities was 15, and 10,480 students received education on tooth brushing through the facilities, bringing the cumulative total number of students served to approximately 32,000.

4 Holding the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children

The Lion Group places emphasis on fostering children’s awareness of dental and oral health in order to help them stay healthy for a lifetime. Aiming to teach correct oral care to elementary school students, the Lion Group has held the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children since 1932. Currently, the event is held annually in Asia.

LCK has held the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children since 2009. In May 2019, approximately 430 students from two local elementary schools and two Japanese elementary schools participated in the event. In total, about 8,000 children have participated in this event since 2009.


1 Ai! Kekute Soap* Donation Campaign Held in Cooperation with Top Retailers

In South Korea, donation culture has taken root, and “ethical consumption”** has become a part of consumers’ purchasing habits.

In December 2019, in cooperation with the large South Korean supermarkets Lotte Mart and KIM’S CLUB, LCK held a donation promotion campaign involving purchases of Ai! Kekute soap. Through such organizations as the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Child Fund Korea and Korea Single-Parent Family Welfare Facility Association, we can support the families of pediatric cancer patients and children living in unsanitary conditions. After the promotion, 10,000 hand soaps were donated to the foundation and association.

  • Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation: Direct donations to ambulatory care clinics and patients’ families
  • Korea Single-Parent Family Welfare Facility Association: Direct donations to single-parent families

LCK will continue to collaborate with various retailers and expand donation promotions.

Ai! Kekute (literally, Oh! Clean!) is a hand soap brand marketed by LCK.
Ethical consumption refers to consumers taking into account their purchases’ effect on people, society and/or the global environment, while supporting those who are contributing to the solution of social issues.

2 Ai! Kekute Hand Washing Class for Children

To teach children ways to protect their health, LCK has conducted educational activities on hand washing using Ai! Kekute, a hand soap marketed by LCK. Childhood is the most critical period for establishing good hygiene care habits.

In 2016, LCK conducted Ai! Kekute hand washing classes for kindergarteners aged 4 to 6 in Seoul and nearby cities. These classes involved a bubbly foam-shaped mascot character and a facilitator that captured the children’s attention and encouraged active participation. In 2017, LCK carried out the event at 50 kindergartens, with 6,580 kindergarteners participating.

In 2019, through monthly volunteer programs, LCK taught children at two local community centers as well as four kindergartens attended by children of LCK employees how to wash their hands properly (target age group: 4 to 13 years old, for a total of 300 participants). Through hand washing songs and exercises, children learn that hand washing is not boring, but actually fun.

3 Hand Washing Educational Activities in Cooperation with Five Libraries in Seoul

Usually located near their homes, libraries are facilities children use often. Knowing this, LCK has implemented the “LION reading a book is Ai! Kekute“ campaign in cooperation with five children’s libraries in Seoul, namely, Seoul Children’s Public Library, Dongjak Public Library, Nowon Library, Gangnam-gu Library and Dobong Culture Information Library. This campaign is aimed at promoting washing hands properly before and after reading books, which can carry a myriad of invisible bacteria. This practice is good not only for hygienic purposes; LCK’s campaign also points out that keeping books clean contributes to the global environment as clean books last longer and longer-lasting books require fewer trees to be chopped down to make paper.

Librarians use Value BOXes* to teach children the importance of washing hands before and after reading books. These boxes show the spots where bacteria tend to adhere in daily life, the proper way to wash the hands and tips for keeping hands clean after washing. Children are given Value BOX sets consisting of one box for educational purposes for use in the library and another for use at home with quiz contents about hand washing that make hand washing fun to help establish it as a habit.

LCK conducted this campaign from December 2018 to February 2019, and approximately 615 families participated in it.

Each Value BOX leaflet shows the proper way to wash the hands, when to wash and the top spots where bacteria tend to adhere in daily life. After studying it to learn about hand washing, children can fold it into a Value BOX.

“LION reading a book is Ai! Kekute” campaign

Two versions of Value BOX

4 Promoting an Educational Hygiene Program for Children in Cooperation with Happy Alliance*

LCK signed a partnership agreement with Happy Alliance in August 2017 to engage in social contribution activities and promote a sustainable social contribution business model.

In August 2019, LCK carried out a number of programs, including teaching oral hygiene to some 600 students from the Gyeonggi-do local community child center at a summer health camp hosted by Happy Alliance. The participating children were given educational kits containing Kids safe toothbrushes and toothpaste (LCK’s kids brand in Korea) as well as booklets about tooth decay prevention so that they would be able to practice proper tooth brushing at home.

Moving forward, LCK will continue its partnership with Happy Alliance to contribute to improving children’s quality of life.

Happy Alliance is a network of enterprises, institutions and individuals that, based on sharing and cooperation, are working to bring about change by proactively addressing social issues.

Happy Alliance signing ceremony

LCK oral hygiene education booth at the summer health camp

LCK employee volunteers assembling boxes of products that
include LCK daily necessities for delivery to the socially vulnerable

5 Hygiene Care Activities in Cooperation with Municipalities

The declining birthrate is a social issue facing South Korea, and municipalities are promoting activities to counter it. Aiming to improve the birthrate, LCK has signed partnership agreements with municipalities and is implementing measures in cooperation with the government. To support the health of newborns, LCK provides a Hygiene Care Set to families who have recently filed birth certificates.

In 2019, LCK signed partnership agreements with 35 municipalities and expanded this support initiative. In addition, LCK aims to reduce anxiety about rising health risks in South Korea stemming from environmental pollution, such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5), and provided information on correct hand washing steps to 93,000 households in 2019, for a cumulative total of about 100,000 households, along with Ai! Kekute hand soap.

6 Supporting Healthy Living Environments for Socially Vulnerable People

Health problems arising from poor living environments (such as sick building syndrome and issues caused by house dust) among the elderly and other socially vulnerable people have become a social issue in South Korea. The Korean Government has launched a support project (via the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute affiliated with the Ministry of Environment) to tackle this issue in cooperation with companies, hospitals and municipalities.

LCK has been a supporting member of this project since 2015, distributing daily care products such as dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents and oral care products in areas with significant vulnerable populations.

In 2019, LCK offered support to 600 households, and it will continue to support this project with the aim of realizing healthy living environments for everyone.

Environmental Conservation

1 Participated in Cleanup Day Activities along the West Sea Coast

In September 2019, the 19th International Coastal Cleanup Day event was held. This event was established by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to reduce marine waste. Muuido Island’s Masian Coast, where the activity took place, is located near Incheon International Airport and is typical of the area, with both tidal flats and a sandy beach.

In cooperation with the Incheon Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, LCK, whose production headquarters is located in the Incheon area, participated in the cleanup activity for the first time and celebrated its 15th anniversary. Approximately 100 employees cleaned up about one ton of marine waste, including styrofoam, household waste and fishing gear on this stretch of West Sea coast.

With the theme of “One company, build one river, road, and town,” LCK will continue to participate regularly in West Sea coastal cleanup activities.

2 Supporting a Forest Development Project

A small island on the Han River, Nanjido became Seoul’s official landfill in the 1970s. Due to Seoul’s rapid urbanization and economic growth, Nanjido was eventually covered by enormous mountains of garbage. After the landfill site closed down around 1990, the government gave the issue serious consideration and planned the Landfill Recovery Project. The project aims to recover the site, transforming it into “ecological parks.” One of these is Haneul Park, where citizen groups, companies and the government are working together to promote a forest development project aimed at restoring biodiversity. As an environmentally friendly company, LCK has been supporting this project since 2017. LCK has developed its own forest with the name of Ai! Kekute, where employee volunteers have planted approximately 100 trees. As the young trees reach sufficient size and strength, LCK employees transplant them to the Haneul Park forest.

This activity was conducted by 86 employees and their families in 2019.

Finding places to transplant the trees

Tree transplanting

Ai! Kekute Forest” project participants, including members of employees’ families

3 Donation of Cash and Goods toward Gangwon-do Wildfire Damage

In April 2019, a number of large-scale wildfires broke out in Gangwon-do, spreading to neighboring houses and causing the evacuation of many residents as well as serious damage.

To help restore the social infrastructure and support basic living standards in areas affected by the Gangwon-do fires, LCK donated 20 million won in cash and 25 million won worth of personal hygiene items to about 1,000 residents living in evacuation shelters through the Korea Disaster Relief Association.

LCK strives to fulfill its social responsibilities in the event of disasters like the Pohang earthquake in 2017 and the wildfire in Gangwon-do through donations to help restore the affected areas.