Realizing a Low Carbon Society


Lion aims to contribute to the realization of a low carbon society, because combatting global warming is a common challenge faced by all of humanity.

Global warming strikes deeply at the fundamentals of human survival, creating factors that impede the sustainability of society, such as resource shortages and distribution inequities and biodiversity loss. Lion has set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities in and outside Japan, and is working toward their achievement on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, we believe that contributing through products to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the domestic sector—where efforts are lagging behind those in the industrial sector—is our responsibility as a company that provides products which are helpful in the daily lives of people.

For example, by developing quick-rinse laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents, Lion is helping reduce the energy consumption of washing machines and domestic water heaters, thereby realizing low carbon living. Furthermore, by using plant-based raw materials in its products and reducing the amount of petroleum-derived plastic used in container and packaging materials, we are advancing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from product use.

At our overseas Group companies, as well, we are continually working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from business activities and have set and are working toward targets for emissions reductions through products.


Activities Aimed at Realizing a Low Carbon Society