2020 Sustainability Material Issues and Progress toward Their Resolution

The Lion Group’s Sustainability Management Framework

In 2011, the Lion Group evaluated the state of sustainability management within the domestic Group, utilizing ISO 26000, an international standard concerning corporate social responsibility practices, and the opinions of third-party institutions. Based on the results of this effort to understand where we stood, in 2012 we designated the Sustainability Material Issues along with medium-term targets for each to be realized in a three-year period corresponding to the medium-term management plan. From 2015, we expanded the scope of the issues and targets from the domestic Group to include the overseas Group, as well. We monitor and report progress toward the targets every year, working as a united Group toward sustainability. Since 2018, we have been advancing the 2020 Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives.

Identifying Material Issues

Through the steps shown below, the Lion Group established a set of Sustainability Material Issues to address in the years leading up to 2020 based on its vision for society in 2030, including its management vision and the SDGs. The Group’s Sustainability Material Issues are for both Lion and society and, with the goal of helping to realize a healthy future for people and the planet, the choice of these issues was informed by the broad perspectives of business, environmental and social sustainability. In identifying these issues, we comprehensively considered the entire value chain and Lion’s stakeholders to understand the risks and opportunities they represent.
In 2020, we set new the Sustainability Material Issues and objectives for 2030 as a vision for the Lion Group in 2030. In particular, we have positioned “Promoting Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Planet” and “Creating Healthy Living Habits” as issues of top priority, and they represent areas in which we must invest management resources to secure a competitive advantage.

Risks and Opportunities Related to the Sustainability Material Issues in the Value Chain

Lion has comprehensively considered the entire value chain and its stakeholders to classify the Sustainability Material Issues as either risks or opportunities.

Risks and Opportunities Related to the Sustainability Material Issues in the Value Chain

2020 Sustainability Material Issues and Progress toward Objectives

2020 Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives of the LIVE Plan Medium-term Management Plan (2018-2020) and Achievements in 2019

The Lion Group has implemented activities aimed at the resolution of the 2020 Sustainability Material Issues identified in 2018. We manage initiatives that address these material issues using a PDCA cycle, and have confirmed that, overall, activities focused on achieving our objectives were implemented throughout the Group. In particular, our global activities advanced through close collaboration with our overseas Group companies, and we will continue to undertake further measures going forward.

The Contribution of the Lion Group's Initiatives to the Achievement of the SDGs

The Lion Group has identified 13 sustainability material issues and is advancing initiatives toward their resolution. The chart below shows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which our efforts to solve each of these issues contribute. In particular, through our products, services and educational initiatives, we are working toward the achievement of SDG 3, "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages."

The Lion Group's 13 Sustainability Material Issues and the SDGs They Help Achieve