Lion at a Glance

R&D-Based Innovation

Through R&D, we create new customer life-based value and new customer experience-based value.

The basic policy for R&D at Lion is to “contribute to the generation of innovation as the growth engine for becoming an advanced daily healthcare company.” To create new customer life-based value and new customer experience-based value, we combine Lion’s existing technologies with other internal and external technologies, aiming to create new markets and develop new service-oriented businesses. The R&D Division is also strengthening alliances with other businesses in Japan and overseas, and contributing to business growth worldwide.

Oral Care Support App

We are striving to create a new healthcare business model using cutting-edge technologies, including IoT and AI. One of the products we have developed in pursuit of this end is the Bad Breath Care Support App for smart phones. It was developed using accumulated data (bad breath measurements and tongue images) and external technologies and services.* The app allows you to use your smart phone to check your risk of having bad breath, which is usually difficult to detect by yourself.

We are first testing the app in the service industry, where many employees are concerned about having bad breath when dealing with customers. Following this, we will work to commercialize the product and continue developing a B-to-B service providing products and information related to oral care.

  • *Namely AI support services from Fujitsu Cloud Technologies Ltd. and app development services from MTI Ltd
Cross-Category Technological Integration

Antipyretic Analgesic BUFFERIN PREMIUM

We are striving to generate innovation through borderless product development that cuts across categories. For instance, antipyretic analgesic BUFFERIN PREMIUM was successfully developed in a quick attack tablet form that disintegrates quickly, releasing fast-dissolving ibuprofen. Until now it had been difficult to achieve both these effects simultaneously; we succeeded by integrating our detergent dissolution technologies with headache medicine technology.

With our new formulation that includes calcium dihydrogen phosphate, the tablet quickly pulls in water, facilitating the disintegration of the tablet.

Finely pulverizing the ibuprofen increases the surface area that comes into contact with water while coating the tablet with soluble macromolecules makes it readily infuse into the water, achieving fast dissolution.

Cross-Category Technological Integration

Eye Drops Smile The MedicalA DX

We are striving to generate innovation through borderless product development that cuts across categories. For instance, we have successfully developed Smile The MedicalA DX eye drops by establishing a method that uses the surfactant EOPO*1 to infuse the formula with the maximum allowed dosage of absorbable vitamin A (50,000 parts per 100 ml).*2 The new formulation boasts a new mode of action that offers a fundamental improvement in relieving tiredness caused by irritating dryness and other factors.

  • *1Poly(ethylene oxide)–Poly(propylene oxide) glycol
  • *2The maximum permitted dosage as per the over-the-counter ophthalmological drug-manufacturing and sale-acceptance standards

Because vitamin A is fat-soluble, when it is added to a water-based solution, the resulting mixture separates into two layers. However, by using a surfactant, we are able to create a stable emulsion of absorbable vitamin A.

The surfactant EOPO surrounds the vitamin A, allowing it to easily seep into the cell membrane, in turn triggering membrane transport that actively takes it into the cell interior. The formula’s mode of action makes it easier for vitamin A to be brought into the cell.