Lion at a Glance

Lion’s Vision and Goals

Vision2030 Long-Term Strategic Framework

Reflecting major changes in the business environment and the growth of its role and responsibility in society, Lion Corporation has formulated a new long-term strategic framework, Vision2030, aiming to accelerate its evolution into a company that will continue to contribute to solving social issues through its businesses into the future.

>Vision2030 Long-Term Strategic Framework

Vision2030 1st STAGE Medium-Term Management Plan

Working toward the achievement of the management vision for 2030, we plan to carry out three consecutive three-year medium-term management plans in order to adapt to signs of change in the management environment and steadily implement our strategies. Within this framework, the Vision2030 1st STAGE medium-term management plan is the first phase from 2022 to 2024. During this period of the plan, we will shift gears toward accelerated growth by implementing growth strategies and transforming our management base to achieve sales growth and EBITDA* expansion while helping to solve social issues through our business operations.

  • EBITDA is an indicator of profitability on a cash basis that the Company uses to measure regular business performance, calculated as the sum of core operating income (gross profit minus selling, general and administrative expenses) and depreciation and amortization (excluding that of right-of-use assets as of 2022).

>Vision2030 1st STAGE Medium-Term Management Plan