Beauty Care Business

Sales of foaming hand soaps and new antiperspirant products were favorable. In this business, growth in Lion's sales in all markets where it has a presence exceeded overall market growth, and sales in this business as a whole rose above the previous fiscal year.

Key Products Contributing to Performance in Fiscal 2014

Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On

Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On

Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On, which was launched in 2014, showed growth through the five months after its introduction in February, and unit sales surpassed 2.5 million. This new deodorant product matched market needs because its new advertising message appealed to consumers' sense of sight, "suppresses underarm perspiration and relieves you of worry about sweat stains." In addition, sales of this new addition to the Ban line which incorporates Lion's original technologies that make the active ingredients adhere even more firmly to the skin and blocks underarm perspiration before it emerges expanded, reflecting the highly favorable appraisal among users of the feeling of the new antiperspirant in use. In 2014, sales in the overall market for antiperspirants in Japan were below the level of the previous year because of unseasonable weather during the period from June to August, which is normally the time of highest antiperspirant usage. However, sales of Lion's new product substantially exceeded planned levels. In addition, sales in the category of roll-on antiperspirants for women expanded 1.3 times*1, thus contributing to market revitalization.

*1 INTAGE Inc. SRI survey of the antiperspirant market for women, roll-on category (as defined by Lion). Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2014

Strategy in Fiscal 2015

KireiKirei Medicated Foaming Hand Soap

In 2015, in the KireiKirei brand and Ban brand lines, Lion will aim for growth above that of the overall market and work to increase its market share. Growth in the market for KireiKirei hand soap products, which are used about 30% of the time in the kitchen*2, is expected, and Lion introduced new foaming products in this line for use in the kitchen by focusing on the special hand washing needs in the kitchen, which differ from those in the bathroom sink, and expand the lineup of foaming hand soap products, which are driving the growth in the overall market.

In the Ban brand line, Lion introduced new items in the Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On lineup, to meet market needs that became apparent last year for "suppressing underarm perspiration stains." Lion also introduced new products for suppressing underarm odor, which is one other important consumer concern, and work to expand the antiperspirant market.

*2 Results of Lion's research