Messages from the Board of External Directors

Mitsuaki Shimaguchi External Director
Professor Emeritus of Keio University

The magnificent aspect of Lion Corporation is that, because of its organizational culture based on love for humanity, it has a history of continuing to offer products and services that have value for society based on a spirit of kindness and charity. However, this tradition sometimes gives rise to self-satisfaction, and this may restrain Lion's drive to innovate, and, as a result, cause it to fall behind in markets that are intensely competitive and where consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding. To contribute to further Company development, Lion must bring the logic of new ideas into its organization and continue to undergo relentless reforms to maintain a fresh perspective. Lion has outstanding staff and advanced technological capabilities, and, while it must protect its admirable traditions, it must also make further leaps forward and continue to develop. I would like to contribute to this evolution and, by making strong requests, provide an outside perspective and ideas from within.

Hideo Yamada External Director
Attorney at Law

Through my work as an attorney, I have seen many companies grow and develop while others have gone out of business. Companies work to show favorable results as they give due regard to the points of view of their stakeholders. I have experienced firsthand that survival and development of companies are not as easy as some might be prone to say. In recent years, in particular, corporate success has come to depend on more than just performance, and also requires attention to compliance, or, otherwise, the company may be eliminated from the market. Companies must obey legal regulations as they also display originality, and are required to generate profits. Lion is a company with a beautiful tradition and a fair corporate philosophy that is widely recognized by the public. As an outside director at Lion, I am drawing on my many years of experience in corporate law, and, as I work to protect Lion's beautiful aspects, I want to encourage Lion's stance of taking on challenges without fear. I would also like to contribute to building Lion's future as a company that conducts its activities based on the corporate message: "Life. Love. LION."