Industrial Products Business

8.6% (% of consolidated net sales, sales to outside parties)

In the Industrial Products Business, sales of electro-conductive carbon black and chemicals for construction and civil engineering use held firm, and, in the institutional detergents field, sales of hand soaps were robust. Similarly, sales of alcohol for disinfecting purposes for institutional kitchens were favorable. As a result, overall sales in this business were substantially higher than in the previous fiscal year.

Net Sales

¥31.5 billion (0.7% up) sales to outside parties

Operating Income

¥1.7 billion (126.0%up)

Palm fatty acid ester-based insulating oil

Electro-conductive carbon black products

Products for institutional use

Chemicals for civil engineering construction use

Chemical Products

Review of Fiscal 2014 and Outlook for Fiscal 2015

In fiscal 2014, sales of high-value-added products expanded, including KETJENBLACK for secondary batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries and related items, and chemicals for civil engineering construction use. As a consequence, income showed a major improvement. In 2015, the Lion Group will realign and integrate its chemical products businesses. Internal resources, which have been dispersed, will be brought together, and marketing approaches to domestic and overseas customers will be strengthened. Also, by introducing the centralized supervision of research, production, marketing, and supply chain management, Lion will work to increase efficiency and aim for significant further growth.

Detergent for Institutional Use Business (Lion Hygiene Co., Ltd.)

Review of Fiscal 2014 and Outlook for Fiscal 2015

In 2014, in response to the rise in hygiene consciousness, Lion expanded sales of hand soap and alcohol by submitting proposals for comprehensive hygiene management services. Also, sales of cooking paper (REED) for institutional use expanded, and, as a result, both sales and operating income rose at double-digit levels. In 2015, by continuing to expand its marketing activities for comprehensive hygiene management services, Lion will substantially upgrade its services for users, as well as expand its share in the professional use markets, including detergents for institutional dishwashing machines and preparations for use in cleaning establishments. Lion will also aim to cultivate new customers among hospitals, elderly care facilities, and other customers where growth is expected.