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Among detergents for the kitchen, sales of Lion's automatic dishwasher detergents were favorable, and, among household cleaners, sales of Lion's fogged type of fungicide for preventing growth of black mold in the bathroom held firm. However, sales of hand dishwashing detergent CHARMY Awa no Chikara (Power of Suds) were weak, leading to overall sales below the level of the previous year.

Key Products Contributing to Performance in Fiscal 2014

LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger

LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger
LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger Soap Fragrance

LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger was newly launched in 2012 and uses smoke-like silver-ion fog to eliminate mold and spores throughout the bathroom to prevent black mold from growing. Since its introduction, it has received high marks from housewives, who were dissatisfied with the effectiveness of other products for cleaning mold from the bathroom, and other consumers with a keen awareness of hygiene. Over the past two years, sales have exceeded 10 million units*. In recent years, the market for mold-removal products had been on a shrinking trend, but, with the introduction of this product, unit prices have risen, and, in 2013 and 2014, the market expanded. Through stepped-up advertising and promotion, Lion is working to establish this product's position among consumers, and, in fall 2014, added a new version, LOOK Bathroom Antimold Fogger Soap Fragrance, which led to further market revitalization.

*According to Lion research

Strategy in Fiscal 2015


In the market for detergents for the kitchen, sales of automatic dishwasher detergents are expanding, but sales of hand dishwashing detergents remain stagnant. Consumers feel good about the detergency of hand dishwashing detergents, but do not get any satisfaction from the process of washing. Lion is focusing on this point and is endeavoring to offer new value in addition to detergency power to give new impetus to market revitalization. To offer a solution to this, Lion developed a nano-technology based detergent that washes away stubborn grease easily and quickly, and, thereby, adds new value by enabling users to finish their dishwashing chores quickly and efficiently. Through the launching of such innovative products, Lion is working to recover its position in detergents for the kitchen and revitalize the market.