Oral Care Business

As a result of the rebranding of its CLINICA lineup of oral care products, improvements and new product launches in the SYSTEMA line as well as other initiatives, Lion's growth during the year under review exceeded growth in all the oral care markets where it has a presence, and sales of this business rose above the prior year.

Key Products Contributing to Performance in Fiscal 2014

CLINICA Brand Line


Lion rebranded its CLINICA lineup of oral care products with the theme of encouraging self-care and preventive dentistry, which dental health specialists recommend. "Preventive dentistry" means not getting dental treatment after tooth decay and other problems occur, but preventing them before they occur. This rebranding initiative covered toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and other CLINICA oral care products. To encourage more and more consumers to practice preventive dentistry, Lion continued its activities to disseminate information and provide product samples through its interfaces with dental clinics, maternity hospitals, young people from infancy to elementary, middle and high school age, as well as through retail stores. Lion is also working intensively to expand its interfaces with consumers and others. By encouraging the wider practice of preventive dentistry, Lion is seeking to increase awareness and change behavior patterns among consumers. As a result of these activities, after rebranding, sales in 2014 expanded 14%* over the previous year and helped to drive growth in the oral care market overall.

* INTAGE Inc. SRI survey of the oral care market (toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental rinses and other dental products). Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2014

Strategy in Fiscal 2015

SYSTEMA ToothpasteSYSTEMA Toothbrush
SYSTEMA EX Dental Rinse

In the CLINICA series, Lion is offering a full line of products to help consumers meet the three recommendations for self-care made by dental professionals. These are (1) remaining fluoride in the mouth, (2) cleaning away plaque from the teeth, and (3) restraining the growth of germs in the mouth. In 2015, Lion launched two more preventive dentistry products with the aims of promoting the wider practicing of preventive dentistry and revitalizing the market for oral care products. In the SYSTEMA line of oral care products for preventing periodontal disease through the proper care of the periodontal pocket surrounding the teeth, Lion introduced a new toothbrush for periodontal care. This product is based on Lion's proposal to consumers "to start periodontal pocket care in their 30s," and Lion will work to expand the number of consumers who properly care for their periodontal pockets.

Lion will continue to give priority to further developing the market for its CLINICA and SYSTEMA product lineups and thereby consolidate its position as the strong No. 1 company in total oral care.