Other Products

The Other Products Business includes the direct-to-consumer business, which sells functional food and other products through direct channels to consumers, the pet supplies business, and other businesses.

Direct-to-Consumer Business

Performance in Fiscal 2014

Nice rim essence Lactoferrin

In the direct-to-consumer business, Lion launched a new product, Gussumin Koubo No Chikara, which contains sake yeast to support high-quality rest and relaxation, and it has been well received by consumers. Mainstay product in this business Nice rim essence Lactoferrin, however, experienced limited expansion as Lion optimized the allocation of its promotional expenses in the face of lower demand following the rise in Japan's consumption tax rate, and increases in costs caused by higher raw material prices. Overall sales in this business were below the level of the previous fiscal year.

Strategy in Fiscal 2015

Gussumin Koubo No Chikara

In the direct-to-consumer business, Lion will begin to respond to the new labelling system for structured/functional food products. In addition, attention will focus on the further nurturing of products that increase the quality of life, such as those in the Fleuria aging haircare series and Gussumin Koubo No Chikara, to strengthen product development to establish second and third mainstay products in this business. Initiatives will also be implemented to increase per consumer product purchases.

Pet Supplies Business

Performance in Fiscal 2014


In this business, Lion is focusing on "furthering the development of pet oral care" and "creating a pet laundry care category." In the oral care series, sales held strong as Lion launched a new PET KISS series of products with additional functional features. Sales of Nioi wo Toru Suna (Deodorizing Cat Litter) were steady, and Lion took initiatives to create a new market, including the launching of LION Pet Laundry Detergent that contains ingredients to eliminate odors characteristic of pets.

Strategy in Fiscal 2015

LION Pet Laundry Detergent

In fiscal 2015, Lion will adopt a thoroughgoing focus not only on pet oral care but also on its recently created pet laundry care category. In the pet oral care business, Lion will strengthen its activities for nurturing the PET KISS oral care brand as a comprehensive periodontal disease care series for pets as well as promoting the understanding of the need for pet periodontal care in collaboration with veterinary brands. In addition, Lion will expand its product lineup for "pet laundry care," and, by promoting the understanding of the need for laundering pet apparel, will thereby aim to bring about further market development.