Pharmaceutical Business

Sales of Lion's high-value-added antipyretic analgesic pharmaceuticals and eyedrops were favorable. In addition, Lion's sales in this business as a whole rose above the previous year.

Key Products Contributing to Performance in 2014



BUFFERIN PREMIUM was launched in February 2014 to meet the needs of working women who want antipyretic analgesics that are fast acting and effective in treating headaches while being gentle on the stomach. The principal purchasers of this preparation are employed women in their 30s. The favorable growth in sales indicates that BUFFERIN PREMIUM has struck a chord with working women and responds to their needs.

Sales of BUFFERIN PREMIUM are holding strong and were approximately 1.5 times the planned level. After the introduction of this new Lion product, sales in the overall market for antipyretic analgesics, which had been virtually level with the previous year, expanded 4%*1. In addition, in the subcategory of highly functional antipyretic analgesics*2, sales grew a substantial 14%*3, indicating that the launching of BUFFERIN PREMIUM contributed to the revitalization of the market for these products.

*1 INTAGE Inc. SDI survey of the antipyretic analgesics market. Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2014, compared with the previous year

*2 According to Lion's classification

*3 INTAGE Inc. SDI survey of the antipyretic analgesics market, highly functional category (as defined by Lion). Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2014, compared with the previous year.

Strategy in Fiscal 2015

Excedrin LOX

Lion will work to thoroughly reinforce its business base in the fields of antipyretic analgesics and high-value-added eyedrops. In the antipyretic analgesics business, Lion will aim to expand its lineup of highly functional products. This will include introducing new products for the increasing number of persons in Japan's aging society who are suffering from body pain* and other new products to respond to emerging markets and, thereby, strive to create new demand and revitalize the market. In the eyedrops business, Lion will endeavor to increase the earning power by further developing eyedrops in the high-priced to medium-priced range and strengthening its lineup targeted at people in the middle-to-upper age categories.

*Back, shoulder, and other pain