R&D Activities

Research and Development

Lion's R&D divisions have selected strategic themes that will contribute to attaining the objectives of "Vision 2020." As these divisions tackle the challenges of meeting high R&D objectives and developing innovative technologies, they are also proceeding with the development of new products. Over the three years of the "V-2 Plan" of Lion's "Vision 2020," which began during the current fiscal year, "competitive advantage" has been selected as a key phrase.

With this key phrase, the R&D divisions are conducting R&D to a greater degree into the fields of Oral health Science and Interface Science, where Lion has its strengths. For domestic business, they are concentrating their efforts on developing high-value-added products in the Oral care, Fabric care, and Pharmaceutical fields to substantially increase profitability. Also, for the life science-related business fields, such as pharmaceuticals and functional foods, Lion's R&D divisions have been focusing on creating new value and new growth areas by collaborative research with outside research institutes as well as by developing seeds of innovative technologies based on scientific evidence, such as clinical trial results. In overseas business, Lion is taking initiatives to substantially strengthen teamwork with R&D divisions overseas and is developing products that will offer new value in the high-growth markets of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Lion's R&D divisions are striving to demonstrate company-wide capabilities that transcend technological fields, product categories, and organizational frameworks. While promoting open innovation, Lion's R&D aims to develop competitively superior products and technologies as well.