Our Sustainability

Business Activities Supporting Clean, Healthy, Comfortable, and Sustainable Life

The origins of Lion's approach to CSR can be traced to our founding spirit of "working for the benefit of people and society." With the robust business foundation established based on the Company Motto and management philosophy, Lion has contributed to sustainable development of society through conducting business activities under its management vision and by addressing CSR material issues.

Setting Objectives and Managing Progress

Since 2011, we have promoted our CSR activities based on ISO 26000, the global social responsibility standard, and by listening to, and incorporating opinions of third-party organizations, we have confirmed and evaluated achievements in Lion Group companies in Japan. Also, by considering world CSR trends, the Company's unique business characteristics, potential risks, opportunities, and their respective implications, we identified CSR material issues in 2012. For each of the material issues, we established a medium-term objective for 2014 and conducted improvement activities based on the PDCA management cycle. For managing CSR activities in overseas Group companies, we have visited eight of our Group companies overseas and interviewed them regarding their CSR efforts with the aims of determining what actions the Group should take going forward and sharing views regarding material CSR issues. Looking ahead, we are setting medium-term objectives for overseas Group companies and will proceed with the PDCA management cycle.

Specific Processes for Identifying Material Issues

CSR Material Issues

Core Subjects Ideal Visions CSR Material Issues
Maintaining a sound management system that is continuously trusted by society Establishing the Group-wide CSR management structure
Reviewing the Business Continuity Plan
Embedding compliance/internal control systems
Human Rights Establishing framework for respecting human rights Formulating and disseminating human rights policy
Ensuring human rights due diligence
Labor Practices Changing awareness of employees through raising morale and motivation Promoting human resource development/revitalization programs
Establishing good working environments
Promoting employees' health management
Enhancing Group-wide occupational health and safety management systems
The Environment Contributing to the development of a sustainable society as an environmentally advanced company Engaging in progressive environmental activities
Preventing pollution
Enhancing Group-wide management of chemical substances
Fair Operating Practices Promoting CSR Activities throughout the value chain Promoting CSR procurement
Consumer Issues Pursuing customer satisfaction by creating safe and trustworthy products Offering products and information that contribute to the development of a sustainable society
Providing information useful for daily life and promoting educational activities
Enhancing the Group-wide quality assurance system
Promoting information security
Community Involvement and Development

Co-existing and co-prospering with society and communities/Contributing to the development of society in health, comfort and environment areas

Enhancing social contribution programs in health and comfort areas


Research and Development

Lion's R&D divisions have selected strategic themes that will contribute to attaining the objectives of "Vision 2020."