Beauty Care Business

Among hand soaps, sales of foaming types held firm and, in the antiperspirant business, newly introduced roll-on type products performed favorably. However, sales of this business as a whole were approximately level with the previous year.

A Review of 2015 and Products that Contributed to Performance

In the Beauty Care Business in 2015, Lion worked to expand sales of KireiKirei hand soap products and Ban antiperspirant brand lines at rates above growth in the market and expand market share.

Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On

Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-on suppresses underarm perspiration and relieves users of worry about sweat stains. Users highly evaluated this new product because it appeals to consumers’ sense of sight and feels good when applied due to incorporation of Lion’s original technologies. In February 2015, Lion introduced a new soap scented Ban that attracted new users. Ban is used not only in the summertime but for other seasons as well, and the accumulated total of units sold exceeded five million at the end of May 2015. By the end of 2015, this total had climbed to 5.7 million. As a result of the hit performance of the Ban brand lineup, other companies also launched products that appealed to the absence of underarm perspiration stains, and a special category of underarm sweat solutions was added in the antiperspirant market. In 2015, total annual market sales in this category expanded 142%*1, and this favorable performance boosted overall growth in the market for directly applied antiperspirants to 14%*2.

*1 INTAGE Inc., SRI survey of the antiperspirant market for women, roll-on category (as defined by Lion). Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2015.

*2 Including roll-on, stick, cream, and gel products (excluding products for men).

Strategy in Fiscal 2016

Growth in the market for hand soap is led by foaming hand soap products and expansion is continuing. With the appearance of new types of viruses, consumers have become more aware of the need for hygiene, and the number of times people wash their hands is increasing (from 6.0 times per day in 2008 to 7.4 times in 2014). With these developments as a background, further growth in this market is forecast. Lion focused on the finding that users of foaming-type hand soaps were concerned about bacteria growing on the dispenser pump head*1. As a result, Lion became the first company*2 in the hand soap market to adopt a pump head*3 that is bacteria resistant and prevents bacterial growth and Lion newly launched KireiKirei Foaming Hand Soap dispensers with this feature, aiming at capturing the number one market share in the foaming-type hand soap market.

Moreover, in the Ban product lineup, Lion introduced Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-on Premium Label with enhanced perspiration stain prevention features that allow users to spend the hot summer days without being concerned about perspiration stains. Through the further development of its product lineup, Lion is working to expand the market for direct application type antiperspirants.

In 2016, Lion will continue to aim for growth in the KireiKirei and Ban brand lines that exceeds overall market expansion and raise its market share.

*1 Results of Lion research

*2 Among products registered with the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) as of November 2015

*3 Restrains growth of bacteria on the pump head