Business Activities Supporting a Healthy and Comfortable Society and Environment

The origins of Lion’s approach to CSR can be traced to our founding spirit of “working for the benefit of people and society.” With the robust business foundation established based on the Company Motto and management philosophy, Lion has contributed to sustainable development of society through conducting business activities under its management vision and by addressing CSR material issues.

Setting Objectives and Managing Progress

Since 2011, we have promoted our CSR activities based on ISO 26000, the global social responsibility standard, and by listening to, and incorporating opinions of third-party organizations, we have confirmed and evaluated achievements in Lion Group companies in Japan. Also, by considering world CSR trends, the Company’s unique business characteristics, potential risks, opportunities, and their respective implications, we identified CSR material issues in 2012. Moreover, for each of these issues, in tandem with our management vision, “Vision 2020,” we have established three-year medium-term objectives. In 2015, we set objectives for overseas Lion Group companies and set in motion PDCA management improvement activities for the entire Group.

Establishment of Medium-Term Objectives for 2017 for CSR Material Issues

Under Lion’s V-2 Plan (2015 to 2017) also, to be able to contribute to sustainable development in better ways, we have set objectives for material issues and are working to improve CSR activities. In Lion and its consolidated Group companies in Japan, activities conducted thus far will be continued; we believe it will be necessary to strengthen our initiatives with a view to social trends and Lion’s management policies and have, therefore, set objectives for addressing CSR material issues.

In addition, in consolidated subsidiaries overseas, based on interviews about CSR activities conducted from 2012 to 2014, we have established objectives for these activities. While giving attention to differences in laws, culture, and customs of various countries and regions, we are proceeding steadily while taking account of the status of individual Group companies.

Our objectives for 2017 are shown in the following table.

CSR Material Issues

Core Subjects Ideal Visions CSR Material Issues 2017 Medium-term Objectives
Organizational Governance Maintaining a sound management system that is continuously trusted by society Establishing the Group-wide CSR management structure [Domestic] Disseminating the Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior as a CSR policy (ongoing)
[Overseas] Disseminating policies concerning CSR
[Domestic] Managing progress toward objectives (ongoing)
[Overseas] Setting objectives and managing progress
risk management *1
[Domestic] Continuously operating Business Continuity Plan (BCP) based on multiphase projections
Embedding compliance/internal control systems [Domestic] Raising awareness of compliance
[Overseas] Enhancing internal control systems
Human Rights Establishing framework for respecting human rights Formulating and disseminating human rights policy [Domestic] Disseminating the Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior as human rights policy (ongoing)
Ensuring human rights due diligence*2 [Domestic] Promoting self-assessment questionnaire of CSR activities by suppliers and offering its feedback (ongoing)
[Domestic] Disseminating information regarding the hotline and strengthening the advice and whistle-blowing framework (ongoing)
[Overseas] Setting up and operating internal contacts for reporting and consultations
Labor Practices Changing awareness of employees through raising morale and motivation Promoting human resource development/revitalization programs [Domestic] Embedding measures for promoting PDCA through implementation of the target management system
Global human resource development
[Domestic] Enhancing the “Diverse Human Resource Promotion Programs”
Implementing supporting measures for women to build their careers
Establishing good working environments [Domestic] Promoting work-life balance with measures for building an environment where employees can work healthily and energetically
[Overseas] Enhancing opportunities for talks between employees and management
Promoting employees’ health management [Domestic] Improving the environment to allow employees to work healthily and energetically
Enhancing Group-wide occupational health and safety management systems [Domestic] Improving occupational safety and safety of facilities based on the “Health, Safety and Disaster Prevention Management System”
The Environment Contributing to the development of a sustainable society as an environmentally advanced company Engaging in progressive environmental activities [Domestic / Overseas] Promoting “Eco Vision 2020” and managing progress thereof (ongoing)
Preventing pollution [Domestic] Promoting pollution prevention (ongoing)
Enhancing Group-wide management of chemical substances [Domestic] Enhancing chemical substances management systems (ongoing)
Fair Operating Practices Promoting CSR activities throughout the value chain Promoting CSR procurement [Domestic] Promoting self-assessment questionnaire of CSR activities by suppliers and offering its feedback (ongoing)
[Domestic] Promoting “Eco Vision 2020” and managing progress thereof
Consumer Issues Pursuing customer satisfaction by creating safe and trustworthy products Offering products and information that contribute to the development of a sustainable society [Domestic] Promoting environmental educational activities for consumers through products
Providing information useful for daily life and promoting educational activities [Domestic] Enhancing the provision of information that contributes to healthy and comfortable lives according to lifestyle and life stages (ongoing)
Enhancing the Group-wide quality assurance system [Domestic] Enhancing group-wide quality assurance system (ongoing)
[Overseas] Reinforcing compliance with regulations in each country and enhancing responses to customers
Promoting information security [Domestic] Promoting information security (ongoing)
[Overseas] Enhancing information security management systems
Community Involvement and Development Co-existing and co-prospering with society and communities/Contributing to the development of society in health, comfort, and environment areas Enhancing social contribution programs leading to forming healthy and comfortable living habits [Domestic / Overseas] Promoting educational activities for oral health
Promoting preventive dentistry (recommending self-care and professional care) and education for health instructors and children
[Domestic / Overseas] Promoting cleanliness activities
“Promoting Education Activities for Children’s Hand Washing and Gargling”

*1 As the BCP guidelines were set in 2014, “Reviewing the Business Continuity Plan,” which was a material issue, was replaced by “Promoting Risk Management.”

*2 Steps that an organization should take in order to recognize, prevent, and address negative influences on human rights

Social and Environmental Contribution Activities

Seeking to support people’s lives for creating future value for everyone, Lion promotes social and environmental contribution activities, focusing on the Health and Comfort Field and the Environmental Field. In the Health and Comfort Field, to contribute to making better living habits, we conduct educational activities for oral health and hygienic practices. Also, in the Environmental Field, as our main products, such as laundry detergents, toothpastes, hand soaps, and dishwashing detergents, are deeply related to water through washing, we also actively conduct water resource conservation activities.

In Lion’s social and environmental contribution activities, our priorities are on co-existence with the relevant communities and conducting activities with involvement of employees. To continue our business, it is necessary to co-exist with those communities where our business facilities are located. Therefore, we work to solve the issues faced by local communities in cooperation with local residents, local governments, and citizens’ groups. In addition, by providing each employee more opportunities to participate in social and environmental contribution activities related to business, we foster human resources who create new value based on a high degree of social and environmental awareness.

In 2015, Lion took initiatives in its social contribution programs, especially through its educational activities for preventive dentistry and its educational activities for hand washing in collaboration with the community.

Preventive Dentistry Educational Activities

Significance of Preventive Dentistry

To enjoy healthy and tasty meals every day, it is said that each person should have at least 20 teeth. In recent years, it has been revealed that dental health and oral health have a significant impact on health not only in the mouth but also throughout the body, and the status of a person’s dental health will make a difference in their future quality of life (QOL). Compared with Sweden, which is known as an advanced country in terms of preventive dentistry, the number of teeth per person is lower in Japan, and in anticipation of a super-aging society, Lion is making further efforts in this regard.

Preventive dentistry is the idea that we should focus not on treatment after getting a cavity and periodontal disease, but on prevention before it happens.

The Key Points about Preventive Dentistry

For preventive dentistry to be effective, we consider it important to practice both periodic “professional care,” including guidance on tooth brushing and preventive treatment at dental clinics and elsewhere as well as daily “self-care” with guidance from dentists and dental hygienists. Lion provides oral care products for self-care, while the Lion Foundation for Dental Health (a public interest incorporated foundation) (LDH) offers professional care services emphasizing the concept of preventive dentistry, and Lion as a whole conducts educational activities that enable customers to take the initiative in preventive dentistry.

Preventive Dentistry Education by Stage of Life

In self-care, Lion provides various products that prevent the development of cavities. In addition, Lion works in cooperation with external organizations, such government organizations, schools, hospitals, and dental clinics, to educate the members of the public about preventive dentistry, taking into account the consumers’ life stage tailored to persons from women in pregnancy to the elderly. To further promote preventive dentistry, Lion also devotes efforts to preparing educational posters and TV commercials.

Results of Preventive Dentistry Activities

As a result of Lion’s educational activities in this area, the understanding of preventive dentistry is spreading. Because of the company-wide educational activities for preventive dentistry in 2014, the ratio of people who know the expression “preventive dentistry” rose from 81% in March 2014 to 88% in March 2015. Similarly, the number of respondents replying that they understand the idea of preventive dentistry increased from 52% in March 2014 to 61% in March 2015.

Hand-Washing Education Activities

Social Issues

For our customers to live healthy lives every day, it is important for them to learn and always practice habits that promote cleanliness and good hygiene. However, it is a social issue that many people do not know the right way to wash their hands. Since Lion is developing its business activities to provide products, such as its “KireiKirei” brand hand soaps, that contribute to enabling everyone to lead clean, healthy, and comfortable lives, at Lion, we consider it our responsibility to conduct educational activities to inform the public about correct hand-washing practices in addition to selling related products.

Hand-Washing Education Activities

In principle, our hand-washing educational activities are conducted primarily by employees with the aim of helping consumers develop healthy lifestyles every day. In these activities, Lion has positioned its hand soap production plant (in Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture), its business locations throughout Japan, and Ishinomaki City (in Miyagi Prefecture), an area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, as priority areas. We are engaged in these activities with the objective of having an increasing number of Lion employees participate in hand-washing education activities. The targets for the percentage of Lion’s employees participating in these activities are 20% in 2020, 50% in 2030, and 100% in 2050.

“KireiKirei City—Sakaide” Project

As part of hand-washing education activities, three project partners––namely, Sakaide City of Kagawa Prefecture, Lion, and Lion Chemical Co., Ltd.––are taking the initiative in implementing the KireiKirei City—Sakaide Project, which began in 2014 and will last through 2017. In collaboration with Sakaide City, where “KireiKirei” hand soaps are manufactured, the three partners are working together to conduct hand-washing educational activities at local kindergartens and preschools, public facilities, and elsewhere in Sakaide City.

Going forward, with employees acting together to provide educational activities to inform the public about correct hand-washing practices, Lion is working to promote healthy and hygienic practices and habits.