Research and Development

Lion’s R&D Organization

Lion’s R&D Headquarters has laboratories with three different functions: Developmental Research, Applied Research, and Research Support. The Developmental Research Laboratories are divided into each product area, and, working in close collaboration with the product planning divisions, undertake the development of new products. The Applied Research Laboratories engage in technological development for the application of materials and technology “seeds” to Lion products and work to discover new technologies using its knowledge of interfacial science, life science, and other areas, while seeking to make available the results of their activities for new product development. The Research Support Laboratories and Centers provide assistance for developmental and applied research in technical fields that are shared in common by Lion’s R&D activities, including packaging, flavors and fragrances, analysis, environment and safety as well as other areas. In addition, when new materials and new products are commercialized, the Production Engineering Center develops manufacturing technologies that link development research and production.

Realizing Vision 2020

Lion’s R&D Headquarters has set strategic themes to attain the objectives of its Vision 2020 plan and has kept tackling the challenges of realizing technological innovation in new product development. The V-2 Plan, which is the second three-year medium-term plan under Vision 2020, was originally launched in 2015, and has the key word of “competitive advantage.”

With the aim of making this key word a reality, the R&D Headquarters is working on further development of technologies in oral care and interfacial science, which are areas of particular strength for Lion, and focusing on developing high-value-added products that will lead to the further enhancement of profitability. In addition, in the healthcare field, including pharmaceuticals and functional food products, Lion concentrates its efforts on generating new value for products and creating new growth business fields by conducting joint research with outside research organizations and pursues the development of technology “seeds,” backed by scientific evidence, including clinical trials. In its overseas activities, Lion’s R&D Headquarters has been substantially stepping up collaboration with its overseas affiliates’ R&D, and, while aiming to respond to needs in local markets, is endeavoring to develop new products that will offer new value in the high-growth markets of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Lion’s R&D Headquarters is working to draw on the capabilities of the Lion Group as a whole by going beyond the existing organizational framework, technology fields, and categories in Japan and overseas. Also, by promoting open innovation, Lion is working to achieve competitive advantage in products and technology development.

Collaboration with Outside R&D Institutions

Working with Juntendo University, Lion has conducted research on the causes of the thinning of women’s hair and collected data that suggest that the direct cause is a decline in the level of female hormones. Based on the results of this research, Lion developed and marketed Fleuria, a set of products for women’s aging hair care that promotes the growth of women’s hair while preventing hair loss.

In addition, in 2013, Lion sent its research staff into the Business-Academia Cooperation Laboratories in the Yokohama City University Advanced Medical Research Center (Advanced Research Center) to conduct research on the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and development of new oral care technologies. Using the R&D results developed at the Advanced Research Center and its know-how, Lion is working to develop new products for customers to live healthier lives in the future.