Living Care Business

Sales of household cleaners were below the level of the previous year, but among detergents for dishwashing, sales of newly introduced dishwashing detergents CHARMY Magica and automatic dishwashing detergents were favorable, and overall sales in this business rose above the previous year’s level.

A Review of 2015 and Products that Contributed to Performance


During 2015, Lion aimed at recovering its market position in dishwashing detergents and revitalizing the market.

The market for dishwashing detergents continued to be stagnant, but Lion focused on the market need for “even quicker, more effective cleanup,” and newly launched CHARMY Magica (hereinafter, Magica), which makes grease slide off dishes like water and gives users the feeling of a high level of detergency power. The quality of Magica is receiving the support of consumers, and, as a result, repeat purchase ratios of this product are higher than for previous products, and sales of refills increased, bringing sales growth of 29%*1 over the previous year. As a consequence of the launching of Magica, the market for dishwashing detergents has been revitalized, with overall market sales growth of 5%*2.

*1 INTAGE Inc., SRI survey of the dishwashing detergents market. Accumulated sales from January to December 2015. Comparison with Lion’s Awa no Chikara (Power of Suds) detergent, accumulated from January to December 2014.

*2 INTAGE Inc., SRI survey of the dishwashing detergents market. Accumulated sales from January to December 2015


Strategy in Fiscal 2016

In 2016, Lion will continue to recover its position in the market for dishwashing detergents and continue to develop high-value-added products. For dishwashing detergent Magica, Lion will raise user awareness of its merits and value and increase the number of users by expanding the lineup of Magica products. Lion will secure more users who are interested in antibacterial effectiveness by offerings of products with antibacterial power through adding CHARMY Magica Antibacterial + (Plus). For the increasing needs of users preferring unscented dishwashing detergents, Lion has added CHARMY Magica Unscented, which is the only unscented detergent formula in the dishwashing detergent market in Japan*3, thereby pioneering in offering this unscented product. By adding these two detergents to the product lineup to satisfy users’ needs, Lion will continue to develop the Magica lineup and enhance the profitability of the product mix.

*3 Lion research on INTAGE Inc., SRI monthly surveys from December 2014 to November 2015 on whether products (excluding private brand labels) with annual sales of ¥10 million or higher have or do not have “unscented” in their names