Oral Care Business

Sales in this business expanded as a result of growth due to new product launches in the CLINICA and SYSTEMA brand lines of oral care products and expansion in sales of high-value-added items in the toothbrush lineup. Sales in this business as a whole exceeded those of the previous year.

A Review of 2015 and Products that Contributed to Performance


In 2015, Lion continued to place emphasis on the further development of the CLINICA and SYSTEMA brand lines and worked to further consolidate its position as the number one company in oral care in Japan*.

In 2014, Lion proclaimed the CLINICA brand lineup as the focus of its preventive dentistry products and rebranded its offerings of toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and other oral care products. In 2015, Lion went on to launch CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Gel and CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Tuft and is positioning CLINICA as the only brand for preventive dentistry that provides a wide range of information to users. As a consequence, the image of “CLINICA = preventive dentistry” became fixed in users’ minds, and the number of persons using several CLINICA items and practicing “preventive dentistry” is increasing.

In the SYSTEMA brand line, Lion newly launched the SYSTEMA Arch Fit Toothbrush and Haguki (the Gums) Plus Toothbrush series.

As a result of these various developments, sales of CLINICA brand products and SYSTEMA brand items grew 108%* and 112%*, respectively, and exceeded the rate of growth in the overall oral care market, thereby helping to expand the market.

* INTAGE Inc., SRI survey of the oral care market (covering toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental rinses, and other dental products). Accumulated sales amount from January through December 2015.

Strategy in Fiscal 2016

In the CLINICA lineup, to make these preventive dentistry activities even easier for users, Lion has added new ingredients to products in the CLINICA ADVANTAGE Toothpaste line and introduced this improved version as the total care toothpaste for use in preventive dentistry. Moreover, since one of the points in preventive dentistry is to reduce bacteria growth, Lion launched CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Rinse as another item in the CLINICA brand line with ingredients that, if used before bedtime, provide an antibacterial coat on the teeth that lasts until morning and, thereby, helps to prevent cavities.

In the SYSTEMA brand line, Lion continued to develop the SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus series, which was introduced in 2015, to enable users to take proper care of the periodontal pocket.

In 2016 also, Lion will continue to step up its development of the CLINICA and SYSTEMA series with a focus on value added to further consolidate its number one position in the oral care market.