Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

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Creating value to enhance people’s lifestyles

Business Fields

Lion offers products and services that are useful for people’s daily lives in the three business domains of “health,” “comfort,” and “environment” with the aims of contributing to individual life “today” for everyone with a view to future value.

  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Environment

Vision & Strategy

Today, the views of consumers related about livelihood and health are undergoing qualitative transformation. Rather than being concerned simply about treating their illnesses and living a long life, consumers are now showing more concern about living comfortable and fulfilling lifestyles. Moreover, with the explosion in the world’s population on the horizon, people are paying more attention than before to the sustainability of growth in society. Another way of thinking that is changing is that we are moving from a zero-sum competitive society, where everyone wants to seize a piece of the pie, to a more collaborative plus-sum society where people are seeking to create and expand value in society as a whole.

With an awareness of these changes in society, Lion has prepared its management vision, entitled “Vision 2020,” which sets forth Lion’s ideal and basic strategies of how its activities will unfold between now and 2020.

Management Vision:
The Ideal Lion Corporation in Fiscal 2020

In the midst of these social changes, Lion has established three visions that it will contribute to realizing through the year 2020. These are Health, Comfort, and Environment. Lion will strive to….

  • Be a company that creates value for lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment
  • Be a company that is advanced in the area of environmental responsiveness
  • Be a company that continues to take on challenges, create and learn
The Ideal Lion Corporation in Fiscal 2020
A company that creates value for lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment long into the future by consistently safeguarding health, comfort, and the environment for people each and every day

To realize the three visions of Vision 2020, Lion is continuing to pursue four strategic activities.

Quantitative Growth of Domestic Businesses—Cultivate Leading Brands
Nurture corporate brands that will be supported by consumers and business partners and work to increase corporate value
Quantitative Expansion of Overseas Businesses—Establish Business Leadership in Asia
In Asia, where economic growth and rising standards of living are expected, Lion will actively expand its business activities.
Development of New Business Value—Develop Direct & Service Business Models
Along with implementing growth strategies in its current businesses, Lion is taking initiatives to develop and expand new businesses.
Enhancement of Organizational Learning Capabilities—Rejuvenate the Organization and Nurture Human Resources
Lion will not confine itself to existing frameworks but will boldly take on the challenges of the future and aim to be an organization that continues to learn organically of its own accord.

Our Focus

To implement these four strategies, Lion is endeavoring to innovate in three areas.

Life Innovation
Create value that contributes to human well-being, the quality of life, and spiritual health
Lion will make proposals for products and services that make lives today better and help to create a fulfilling future for all our life stages and lifestyles by new discoveries in life sciences and family and consumer sciences.
Green Innovation
Create value that contributes to the sustainable society
Lion will substantially increase its environmental responsiveness in its existing businesses and endeavor to contribute to the realization of recycling-based societies, low-carbon economies, and symbiosis with the nature by new discoveries.
Knowledge Innovation
Create organizational power that gives birth to new value
Cultivate a high-performance organization that has the capability of creating new value through nurturing human resources and innovating in business processes.
Create Value + Transmit Value

Vision 2020: Achieving the Vision

To attain the objectives of “Vision 2020,” which outlines the ideal Lion Corporation in 2020, Lion began to implement its medium-term management plan in 2012 in three stages.

Promote three three-year medium-term plans V-2 Plan