Special Feature: Four Strategies in V-2 Plan

Four Strategies in V-2 Plan

Under the V-2 Plan, from 2015 to 2017, Lion is giving highest priority to increasing profitability, and is implementing four strategies: “Qualitative Growth of Domestic Businesses,” “Quantitative Growth of Overseas Businesses,” “Development of New Business Value,” and “Enhancement of Organizational Learning Capabilities.”

Strategy 1: Qualitative Growth of Domestic Businesses

Lion is working to establish an even stronger earnings base in its domestic business activities.

In its Consumer Products Business, Lion is focusing on working to nurture its principal business fields and brands and on developing high-value-added products and items that create new markets. In addition, Lion is reviewing its production and supply systems and taking initiatives in increasing the efficiency of its assets.

In its Chemical Products Business within its Industrial Products Business, Lion is endeavoring to increase its profitability by offering new business value through making use of and combining technology seeds and ideas. Also, in its detergents for institutional use businesses, Lion will work to attain further growth by providing solutions for securing “safe and sanitary” environments.

Strategy 2: Quantitative Expansion of Overseas Businesses

In overseas businesses, Lion is endeavoring to strengthen its presence in Asia and build a stronger earnings base to achieve growth accompanied by profitability. With this objective, Lion is nurturing its global brands and broadening its lineup of high-value-added personal care products while encouraging close collaboration within the Lion Group, and aiming to realize Group synergies.

Strategy 3: Development of New Business Value

To develop new business value, Lion will work to create future earnings generators.

In its Direct-to-Consumer Business, to expand the sales of these activities, Lion is working to develop products to follow Nice rim essence Lactoferrin, which is the current mainstay product in this business, and is taking initiatives to increase efficiency.

Also, drawing on its management resources, Lion is searching for additional business opportunities in new business domains.

Strategy 4: Enhancement of Organizational Learning Capabilities

To enhance organizational learning capabilities, Lion is endeavoring to create working environments where a diversity of human resources can work and, thereby, encourage the development of a corporate culture where personnel are motivated to take up challenges.

Moreover, we want to further develop two-way communication with consumers, enhance the sophistication of marketing, and realize the development of products that reflect an understanding of consumer needs.

Consolidated Performance Target

Changing the earnings structure to achieve an operating income to sales ratio of 5%

Under the V-2 Plan, Lion will accelerate reforms in its earnings structure, based on the improvements in earnings under the V-1 Plan, to realize improvements in earnings power.

Income targets
(Billions of yen) FY2017 Percent of total
Net sales 400 100.0%
Operating income 20 5.0%
Ordinary income 22 5.5%
Net income 12 3.0%
Financial data
ROE 10%
BEP 90% or less

Progress under the V-2 Plan

Net Sales Operating Income