Beauty Care Products

Sales rose significantly overall from the previous year, due mainly to strong sales of new high-value-added products, such as foaming-type hand soaps and directly applied antiperspirants. The new hadakara Body Soap, launched in September 2016, received favorable consumer reviews.

Business Review and Key Product in 2016


Lion focused on market development for KireiKirei Medicated Foaming Hand Soap and all-season Ban Sweat-Blocking Roll-On antiperspirant. In September, we launched hadakara, a new general-purpose body soap with a focus on moisture retention, enhancing profitability in beauty care products.

The hadakara Body Soap incorporates a moisture-adsorbing formula* that is the first of its type in Japan. While Lion’s previous body soaps contained moisturizing agents, they were mostly washed away, and did not remain on the skin. We conducted a promotional campaign that included sending samples to buyers and retail store representatives prior to launch, a large-scale TV commercial series featuring popular celebrities, and the utilization of social media and product review websites. As a result, sales considerably exceed plan, expanding Lion’s market share and invigorating the general body soap market.

* The body soap formula utilizes an adsorption mechanism provided by a soap and cationic polymer complex to enhance adsorption of the cationic polymer to the skin through a combination of phenoxyethanol (base) and POE cetyl ether (base).
(Source: Lion from Mintel Japan, Inc. database, December 2015)

Strategy for 2017

Lion will continue to develop the KireiKirei, Ban and hadakara product lines. For KireiKirei, we will further expand the market through efforts to establish a custom of handwashing.

For Ban, we anticipate market growth, and will concentrate on high-margin direct application and sheet-type products, with an aim of enhancing profitability.

For hadakara, we will strengthen our marketing activities and product lineup, with the aim of expanding market share.