Fabric Care Products

Sales rose overall from the previous year, due mainly to strong sales of laundry detergents on the popularity of new super-concentrated liquid detergents, and steady sales of fabric softeners for fragrance and deodorant-type products.

Business Review and Key Product in 2016


During 2016, Lion launched a new super-concentrated liquid detergent, a growing category that is expanding the laundry detergent market.

The way people do laundry has changed in recent years. Drivers of this change have been the introduction of washing machines that conserve water and have larger capacity as well as the trend among singles and working couples to wash larger loads less frequently. This has given rise to a need for detergents that can wash larger amounts of laundry with less water. Lion is working to provide the cleaning power to remove dirt and stains in such varied household settings, developing new technologies to thoroughly clean grime off every fiber, and launching TOP SUPER NANOX. We conducted broad communication measures to convey the message of “supreme cleaning power,” including TV commercials, in-store promotions, online strategies, and a community website for consumers to share their experiences using the products. These efforts increased the number of new users, and led to a significant gain in sales from the previous fiscal year.

Strategy for 2017

During 2017, Lion will continue to foster further growth in the market for super-concentrated liquid detergents and fabric softeners.

In addition to TOP SUPER NANOX, during 2017 Lion launched a renewed version of TOP HYGIA with improved antibacterial effect and cleaning power. The market for antibacterial laundry detergents has grown rapidly, with sales in 2016 double that of five years ago.* Lion will enhance its position in the super-concentrated liquid detergent market and expand the market overall through the further development of TOP HYGIA, aimed at consumers with a strong focus on hygiene, and TOP SUPER NANOX for those seeking greater cleaning power.

In fabric softeners, for the growing “odor prevention and deodorizing” market, Lion launched a renewed version of Kaori to Deodorant no SOFLAN (SOFLAN with Fragrance and Deodorant) Premium Deodorizing Plus with improved deodorizing properties for unpleasant odors, such as sweat and body odor. Lion will enhance its position in the fabric softener market with the launch of a new odor prevention/deodorizing product, and further the development of the long-lasting SOFLAN Aroma Rich with new all day long fragrance.

* Source: Lion