Living Care Products

Sales declined overall from the previous year, as sales of household cleaners were flat, and new products in the CHARMY Magica dishwashing detergent line showed favorable performance.

Business Review and Key Product in 2016

CHARMY Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”)

During 2016, Lion regained its market position in dishwashing detergents, and continued to develop high-value-added products.

The market for antibacterial dishwashing detergents has expanded in recent years with greater hygiene awareness among consumers, with sales growing from ¥9.8 billion in 2011 to ¥14.3 billion in 2015.* Lion responded to this demand for antibacterial performance by launching the new CHARMY Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) with improved antibacterial properties along with the basic cleansing mechanism that makes grease slide off like water. In addition to the development of existing products, Lion acquired new users through the addition of this antibacterial-type product. Also, through these initiatives, Lion enhanced the market position of the CHARMY Magica brand that offers quicker, more-efficient cleanup, and, thereby, expanding the dishwashing detergents market overall.

* Source: INTAGE Inc., SRI survey, “Dishwashing Detergents Market – Antibacterial Category (Excluding Automatic Dishwasher Detergents), Sales Amount 2011-2015” (The antibacterial market is defined as products that have “antibacterial” and “citric acid” in their product names and make claims for being effective in removing bacteria. (Lion’s definition))

Strategy for 2017

During 2017, Lion will continue to develop dishwashing detergents and high-value-added products.

In dishwashing detergents, Lion will continue with development measures for the CHARMY Magica lineup, expanded during 2016, and establish its position as a brand for efficient kitchen cleanup.

We will also strengthen the development of high-value-added products, such as CHARMY Crysta dishwasher detergent and LOOK Bath Antimold Fogger, to prevent black mold in the bathroom, as part of an effort to enhance profitability.