Oral Care Products

Sales rose overall from the previous year, due mainly to positive results from new products in the CLINICA ADVANTAGE series and SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus series, as well as high-value-added toothpastes and toothbrushes. Sales also increased for mouthwashes, dental products, and other related items.

Business Review and Key Products in 2016

CLINICA ADVANTAGE and SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus brand lines

Lion launched new products in the CLINICA and SYSTEMA brand lines, with a continued focus on brand development. Sales for these brands rose 9% and 12%, respectively, exceeding growth in the oral care market overall.*

For the CLINICA brand, Lion offered an oral care lineup addressing the three important points in preventive dentistry—helping fluoride remain on teeth, removing plaque, and reducing bacterial growth. Awareness of preventive dentistry has increased in recent years, and more people are getting checkups at dental clinics. Considering this market development, Lion launched a slimmer three-row type of the CLINICA ADVANTAGE Toothbrush with a dentist-recommended design, and renewed versions of its CLINICA ADVANTAGE Toothpaste and CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Rinse. An increasing number of consumers are using a combination of CLINICA brand items.

For the SYSTEMA brand, sales were positive for the SYSTEMA Haguki (the Gums) Plus series with improved periodontal pocket care according to the state of the gums, as well as for new toothbrushes.

* Source: INTAGE Inc., SRI Survey, “The market total for toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and other dental products, Cumulative Sales Amount January-December 2016”

Strategy for 2017

Lion will promote the establishment of preventive dentistry, and develop products in the growing mid-to-high price range, in an ongoing effort to raise the unit price for oral care products and invigorate the market.

For the CLINICA brand, to establish a position as the representative brand for preventive dentistry at all life stages from child to adult, Lion will launch a renewed version of the CLINICA Kid’s series, and conduct a marketing campaign to promote preventative dentistry from infancy. In addition to highlighting product features, we will make efforts to encourage more people to practice preventive dentistry, including conducting awareness campaigns to foster regular preventive habits, expanding our range of communication tools, and targeting both the young and adult generations.

For the SYSTEMA brand, we will further promote the awareness of periodontal pocket care with the aim of establishing the position of category leader in the prevention of periodontal disease, and, in the Dent Health series, communicate the importance of self-care in maintaining existing teeth, to establish our reputation as the category leader in the prevention of gum disease.