Pharmaceutical Products

Sales rose overall from the previous year, due mainly to steady sales of high-value-added products, such as the antipyretic analgesic BUFFERIN PREMIUM and Smile 40 Premium eyedrops. Lion also steadily captured demand from foreign visitors to Japan, though growth from this inbound demand has slowed.

Business Review and Key Products in 2016

BUFFERIN and Smile

Lion enhanced added value and developed new demand with the launch of new antipyretic analgesics and eyedrops.

In antipyretic analgesics, in addition to BUFFERIN A, Lion strengthened brand development for the high-value-added BUFFERIN PREMIUM, along with BUFFERIN Luna i for effective relief from headaches and menstrual cramps. We also launched a renewed version of BUFFERIN Luna J for persons 15 years of age and over with additional dosage and administration instructions for usage. We worked to consolidate the BUFFERIN brand as an antipyretic analgesic effective for various types of pain, suitable for all ages from young children to the elderly.

In eyedrops, the new product Smile Whitéye, which eliminates ocular hyperemia for healthy-looking, clear white eyes, was well received by consumers. Sales also rose steadily for Smile 40 Premium for alleviating eye fatigue due to age or overuse of the eyes, as well as itchiness caused by mucus.

Strategy for 2017

Lion will continue to develop high-value-added products for antipyretic analgesics and eyedrops. Lion is also planning to enter the new market field of dermatologic agents to treat itchiness. Many women in their 20s to 40s suffer from itchy skin, and are unsure whether general skin medicines to treat irritation are appropriate for their own skin problems.* Lion is focusing on this unmet need, and plans to establish Method, a new brand of skin medicines that make it easy for consumers to select the product to best treat their particular problem. Lion’s product lineup will include cream and sheet-type products to meet user needs, with a focus on further growth in the pharmaceutical business and market invigoration.

* Source: Lion