LION’s Vision for the Future

Progress Report on V-2 Plan

Chart: Promote three three-year medium-term plans

In fiscal 2016, net sales expanded in Japan and overseas, and profitability showed major improvement because of improvement in Lion’s product mix. As a result, both net sales and profit rose to record highs, and Lion reached its target for profit one year ahead of plans.

Qualitative Growth of Domestic Businesses

In fiscal 2016, in the Consumer Products Business, Lion proceeded with shifting its product mix to high-value-added items, principally in Oral Care and Pharmaceutical Products, and profitability rose in Fabric Care Products.

In the Industrial Products Business, Lion worked to strengthen its business base through the focus and concentration of its resources, succeeded in raising profitability in Chemical Products, and proceeded with expansion in the Detergents for Institutional Use Products.

Quantitative Expansion of Overseas Businesses

Business growth accelerated in major countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia, and in Northeast Asia, including South Korea and China. On a local currency basis, sales were favorable in each of the overseas countries, and the margin of growth in overseas business expanded. Profitability rose along with a favorable performance in Personal Care Products.

Development of New Business Value

In the direct-to-consumer sales business, sales of food with function claims rose and reached the highest level to date. This and other indicators showed that this business is expanding steadily.

Enhancement of Organizational Learning Capabilities

Lion gave its support for initiatives to promote a diversity of workstyles and enhanced its systems for accommodating and promoting diversity in general.

Performance Goals of the V-2 Plan

In preparation for the commencement of Lion’s next V-3 Plan, Lion is accelerating its initiatives to raise profitability through structural reforms. Together with this, Lion is placing priority on building the base for its future growth strategies.

Net Sales and Operating Income

Fiscal 2017 (Target)

Management Indicators
  Goal for fiscal 2017
ROE 10% or above
BEP 90% or less