Online Annual Report 2017

Online Annual Report 2017

Structure of This Report

About Lion

Overview of the Company Motto and Management Philosophy that underpins Lion’s business activities together with information that is fundamental to understanding the Company, including its history, scope, and select highlights

Top Message

An explanation from the president of Lion’s performance in fiscal 2017 and under the V-2 Plan as well as an outline of the Company’s new Management Vision and medium-term management plan, “LIVE Plan”

Strategy & Value Creation

In addition to an overview of Lion’s sustainable value creation process, an explanation of the Company’s new Management Vision and medium-term management plan, “LIVE Plan”

Strategy & Vision

An explanation of the V-2 Plan from the responsible director of each of the three segments, Consumer Products Business, Industrial Products Business, and Overseas Business, and a report on strategies and the vision under the medium-term management plan, “LIVE Plan,” that have been designed to accelerate growth

Foundations for Value Creation

An explanation of measures aimed at further strengthening human resources development, research and development, and marketing, which provide the foundation for Lion’s value creation

ESG Initiatives Aimed at Creating Value

An overview of measures implemented by the Company to build and bolster relationships of trust by stakeholder. An introduction to the links between the medium-term management plan and the Company’s sustainability endeavors

Financial Review

In addition to details of the Company’s operating results, an outline of the Consumer Products Business performance by field and the Overseas Business by country

Editorial Policy
This annual report has been prepared to assist shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders to better understand Lion’s financial information, including its Management Vision and performance, and its non-financial information, including its initiatives that contribute to society and the natural environment.

Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This Annual Report contains “forward-looking statements,” including matters related to future business plans, corporate strategies, forecasts of performance, and other matters. Such statements were formulated based on information that was available at the time of the preparation of this Annual Report and may contain matters that are uncertain, such as economic conditions, market trends, and foreign currency risks. Please understand that the actual results may not be identical to and may differ from the forecast outlook.