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Initiatives Aimed at Building Trust with Customers
Lion’s Action

Lion places the utmost importance on quality assurance at each stage of its corporate activities from product planning through development to manufacturing, sales, and customer use. In this manner, the Company delivers products that will satisfy its customers.

Product Development Incorporating Customer Opinions

Approach to Safety and Reliability

We evaluate the safety of our products at the raw material, packaging, and container stages and upon actual use so that our customers can use our products without any concern.

Maximization of customers' satisfaction

Safety of Materials

We first examine the materials to determine their safety. As the next step, we determine whether to use a particular material after evaluating the sample and supplier in order to secure quality above a certain level. In using the materials, they are classified into drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, food, and miscellaneous, and their quality is inspected based on the inspection items and testing methods appropriate for each classification before they are actually accepted for use.

Safety during Product Use

Scope of Safety Confirmation

By considering the various uses of our products as well as product use by vulnerable customers, we perform safety evaluation of our products from the perspective of avoiding risks at the stage of product design. We use a checklist in our evaluation to determine whether the product design ensures safety from “normal use” cases to “mistaken use” cases. We evaluate if risks can be alleviated even in the event of “irregular use,” and also evaluate whether risks can be tolerated. Such evaluations are reflected in our measures to secure product safety, such as by providing sufficient warnings as needed. Also, in the Quality Verification Meeting for quality confirmation held with representatives of related divisions, we perform checks from the perspective of our customers during their actual use of our products in order to prevent damages during product use as well as failure to confirm all safety check items. In preparation for possible problems with our products, we have in place an internal system to quickly take countermeasures such as product recall.

Communication with Customers Using “Lidea,” a Website for Delivering Useful Information in Daily Life

Lidea is Lion’s website for delivering lifestyle information and for sharing delightful ideas (tips and information) with consumers that make their daily lives more comfortable and enrich their hearts. Accurate information that is useful for consumers’ daily lives is provided mainly by “Meisters of Daily Life,” specialists who have research experience and expertise in the six “fabric care,” “living care,” “kitchen,” “dental and oral health,” “beauty and health of body”, and “childcare” fields.