Environmental Initiatives
Lion’s Action

Lion is actively communicating with customers. This includes educational activities aimed at increasing customers’ environmental awareness through the Company’s products, in addition to achieving targeted values in an effort to “realize a low-carbon society,” “realize a sound material-cycle society,” and “realize a society harmonizing with nature.”

Environmental Guidelines

Lion will act voluntarily and proactively to reduce the burden it places on the global environment in all the processes of its business activities, from the development of products to the procurement of raw materials, production, distribution, sales, use by customers, as well as disposal. This will be done with due consideration to “realizing a low-carbon society to prevent global warming,” “realizing a sound material-cycle society with maximum usage of recycled resources”, and “realizing a society harmonizing with nature to conserve people’s health, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity.”

  1. Aiming for a Sustainable Society
  2. Complying with Legal and Other Requirements
  3. Setting and Verifying Implementation of Environmental Objectives and Targets
  4. Developing Environment-Friendly Products
  1. Reducing Environmental Impact Together with Our Business Partners
  2. Harmonizing with Nature
  3. Enhancing Environmental Protection Activities Based on Uniform Understanding of the Guidelines
  4. Promoting Disclosure of Information

Revised January 1, 2013

Environmental Management System

The purpose of the Lion Group’s Environmental Management System is to identify, evaluate, and remedy any adverse effects that our business activities, products, and services have on the environment, and to improve our environmental protection activities on an ongoing basis.

Systems for environmental management and reporting activities have been enhanced with the aim of responding to the environment globally. Data on overseas Group companies is available on our website.

Environmental Management Structure

In order to cooperate with and involve all employees in environmental management, we established an Environmental Conservation Committee covering the Production Division, the Administrative/Sales Division, the R&D Division, and headquarters staff divisions. The Committee’s responsibilities include conducting reviews of Company-wide business activities from the viewpoint of environmental conservation, compliance with laws and regulations, the setting of voluntary standards and targets, as well as their Company-wide promotion and the ascertaining of the status of their achievement.

Promotion of Eco Vision 2020

On the basis of the situation with regard to global environmental issues, the Company’s areas of involvement and actions, and the opinions of outside stakeholders, we identified our Eco Vision 2020 environmental objective in 2012. We set and are promoting—consistent with our Vision 2020 Management Vision—three-year targets for greenhouse gas emissions (energy use), water, waste, wastewater, procurement, biodiversity, and environmental awareness activities for the benefit of society as a whole.

Further information on Eco Vision 2020 can be found here: http://www.lion.co.jp/ja/csr/env/ecovision2020/ (Available in Japanese only)