At a Glance

Net Sales by Segment

Total Net Sales ¥410.4 billion, Consumer Products Business: 64.5%; Industrial Products Business: 8.1%; Overseas Business: 26.4%; Other: 1.0%

  • Total net sales and the percentage compositions were calculated after excluding internal sales within and among segments.

Net Sales ¥264.8 billion
Sales to external customers

We offer a wide range of products and information in Japan, including products such as toothpastes, laundry detergents, and OTC drugs that support health, comfort, and cleanliness.

Oral Care Products

Toothpastes, Toothbrushes, Mouthwashes, and Other Products

Beauty Care Products

Hand Soaps, Body Washes, Antiperspirants and Deodorants, and Other Products

Fabric Care Products

Laundry Detergents, Bleach, Fabric Softeners, and Other Products

Living Care Products

Dishwashing Detergents, Household Cleaners, Food Preparation Products, and Other Products

Pharmaceutical Products

Antipyretic Analgesics, Eye Drops, Tonics, Insecticides, and Other Products


Functional Food Products, Gift Products, Pet Supplies, and Others

Net Sales ¥33.3 billion
Sales to external customers

The Industrial Products Business segment includes the Automotive, Electrical and Electronics, and Detergents for Institutional Use Products fields. These businesses handle products that include anti-sticking agents for ties, electro-conductive carbon for secondary batteries, and detergents for institutional and kitchen use.

Chemical Products


Electrical and Electronics

Energy, Environmental & Infrastructure

Lifestyle Related Industry

Detergents for Institutional Use Products

Net Sales ¥108.2 billion
Sales to external customers

The Overseas Business engages mainly in the manufacture and sale of commodities by affiliated overseas businesses.



South Korea



Hong Kong

NANOX Liquid laundry detergent




Net Sales ¥4.0 billion
Sales to external customers

Lion subsidiaries located in Japan primarily undertake operations of each Lion Group business. The main products and services are construction contractor business, real estate management, distribution/storage, and temporary staffing services.