Human Resources Development

We empower people to realize their potential through work, and cultivate leaders recognized both inside and outside the Company.

Jiro Nagasawa
Executive Officer
Executive General Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs Headquarters
We aim to foster corporate strength that will win out over global competition by promoting diversity and openness in our human resources, organizations, and corporate culture.

Human Dynamism

Lion’s ideal human resources are:
  • Leaders who drive strategies and produce results
  • Managers able to direct and support their teams, and highly skilled specialists, working to fulfill their appointed roles
  • Employees who independently find and implement solutions to the challenges in their work

To develop such human resources, Lion is strengthening its workplace plan, do, check, and act (PDCA cycle), and has established a training structure.

The PDCA cycle and human resources development structure

Lion has formulated L-Compass, a code of conduct for work behavior and the values necessary for everyone in the Lion Group, and pursues business aimed at realizing its Management Vision. In 2013, we revised the target management system based on L-Compass. Every employee sets challenge targets, and, through communication with their supervisor, enhances the PDCA cycle to achieve them. We continued during 2017 to reaffirm the overall longer-term purpose, mission, and actions, and focused on further strengthening a mind-set of setting goals working backward from our vision.

Lion considers human resources development to be the basis of management, and implements a range of measures to support it. We conduct training sessions linked to the personnel management system to raise employee capabilities at all levels, as well as development training to enhance specialization for each position. We also have a program to cultivate future leaders.

L-Compass Award

The L-Compass Award has been presented since 2015 in order to encourage exemplary actions and processes based on the L-Compass system, and to accelerate the improvement in organizational learning needed to provide a competitive edge.

The L-Compass Award program is open to all employees of the Lion Group, and recognizes results both large and small, such as tackling a difficult challenge no one has ever attempted before, or fundamentally changing a working style unconstrained by past conventions. A total of 23 commendations were presented in 2017, and these exceptional actions and processes were shared throughout the Company. Going forward, Lion will continue to present these awards in an effort to create a work environment of challenges and creativity for employees, and to strengthen workplace skills.

Strengthening the Foundation for Human Resources Development in the LIVE Plan

To cultivate energetic and talented personnel able to implement the LIVE Plan, Lion will:

  1. Support people able to play an active role both in Japan and overseas to accelerate corporate growth, and those willing to boldly embrace challenges, to generate dynamism and
  2. Provide health maintenance and an employment structure, as well as establish and provide welfare measures and policies, in order to support changes in working styles for the active participation of employees.

Cultivating Global Talent

Lion has held the Lion Management Consortium annually since 2015. This program for next-generation management candidates from overseas Group companies is conducted three times per year, including at overseas locations, during which teams comprising members from numerous countries and regions consider business projects. The focus is on future overseas growth, as well as cultivating personnel able to play a leading role in glocalization.

Developing Leaders

Lion conducts leadership strength-building programs for young, mid-career, and next-generation top management employees, aimed at developing the personnel who will lead the Company in the future. Participants acquire a managerial perspective as well as skills in strategy development and corporate management. The program also includes interaction with other companies.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

  1. Efforts for smart work
    “Smart work” enhances engagement, and leads to self‐actualization and personal growth. The aim is to improve productivity by pursuing highly specialized work, as well as mutual recognition and respect for colleagues, thereby optimizing team results. Lion also introduced a telework system in 2015. The number of employees utilizing this program has increased year by year as a result of explanatory briefings to promote the understanding and awareness of the system, and expansion to additional departments.
  2. Efforts for smart life
    Since 2010, Lion has been pursuing measures to reduce long working hours and encourage employees to take paid holidays, in order to create a healthy and satisfying work environment. E-learning sessions for all employees are conducted annually to promote understanding of working time management. Also, to achieve a paid holiday utilization rate of 60%, based on the labor-management agreement, Lion has implemented measures, for example, to ensure employees take at least three days of holiday on a planned basis each year, etc. Going forward, we will pursue measures to increase the paid holiday utilization rate. Company support to ensure job satisfaction leads to the effective use of personal time for self-development.

Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

Lion pursues measures for diversity (the active utilization of diverse human resources) in recognition of the need to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment. We plan and implement personnel measures with employee participation in order to ensure a wide range of personnel play a more-active role. A dedicated team for diversity has also been established within the Human Resources Department. Lion has also created an action plan in response to the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, and aims to increase the ratio of women in management positions in Japan to more than 15% by 2020.

Advancing Health Management

For two consecutive years since 2017, Lion has been recognized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as a “White 500” firm demonstrating outstanding health and productivity management. Going forward, we will continue to actively pursue measures for health management. To enhance individual productivity and ensure a thriving environment for the organization as a whole, we aim to establish a model for health management linked to overall health, including the oral care consistent with our business mission.