Creating Relevant Customer Experience Based on Enhancing Engagement

Yugo Kume
Director, Executive Officer
Executive General Manager of Health and Home Care Products Division

ReDesigning Rituals

Manufacturers today are facing the end of the era in which just developing and offering excellent products is sufficient. They need to create value that brings a positive impact (better experience) to customers’ lives, and consumers purchase products based on that value.

Under the LIVE Plan, Lion is reconstructing the logic behind its FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business. By embodying Lion’s newly designated purpose of “ReDesigning rituals,” we will generate this positive impact.

Make Health-Promoting Rituals More Natural, Easy, and Enjoyable

All of Lion’s brands help customers realize their desire for accomplishment in their lives and their daily life.

The CLINICA oral care brand increases the number of “praiseworthy moments” to foster a society in which positive feelings and actions become routine.

The cleanliness and hygiene brand KireiKirei frees working mothers from feeling guilty about having to work—the values over their parents—and encourage a society that gives them the confidence that their family is fine just the way it is.

That is precisely what we seek to accomplish with Lion’s value creation model.

The Challenge of Creating New Customer Experience-Based Value Brought by Technology

We believe that all the ideas we present to customers should be incorporated naturally into their daily rhythms. To achieve this, in the LIVE Plan we are pursuing advanced utilization of customer data to develop our customer understanding.

In addition, with Lion’s lifestyle information media Lidea, we are sharing information on the concerns of customers in all aspects of their lives, their experiences related to product use, and lifestyles, in order to strengthen our relationships with customers.