Overseas Business

By promoting the adoption of health care habits, we will contribute to comfortable and healthy living environments for people throughout Asia.

Masazumi Kikukawa
Representative Director,
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Percentage of Consolidated Net Sales
(Japanese GAAP)


Net Sales*

* External sales, IFRS standard (Figures for 2017 are approximate values, and have not been audited by the accounting auditor.)

The V-2 Plan and Review of 2017

Under the V-2 Plan, Lion worked to expand its business scale by developing global brands such as SYSTEMA and KODOMO, and strengthening the e-commerce business. We also took steps to reinforce business foundations and improve profitability, including making Southern Lion Sdn. Bhd. (based in Malaysia) a consolidated subsidiary, and restructuring the Taiwan business.

During 2017, Lion expanded its business in countries where it already operates to new fields, increasing total net sales 139%*, and segment operating income 385%*, compared to 2014 levels.

* Excluding the influence of exchange rate conversions

The LIVE Plan and Business Strategies

1. Accelerate growth in overseas businesses through glocalization

  • Lion will achieve greater business efficiency and speed through tightly focused business development by country, as well as an organizational structure that pursues fusion and synergies between countries in the North Asian and ASEAN regions, which have common market characteristics.

2. Expand business by developing and strengthening new business areas and sales channels

  • In the highest-priority market of China, Lion will advance to the next business stage by strengthening oral care brands, and expanding strategic alliances with e-commerce operators.
  • In the cross-border e-commerce field, Lion will maximize Group synergies, and have business divisions launch organically linked, company-wide cross-sectional measures.
  • Lion will seek to expand the business areas in which it operates by utilizing flexible means of entry (such as M&A and alliances) suited to the market or retail environment.

Looking toward 2020

Lion will promote activities that encourage enjoyable, positive health care habits, in order to provide people throughout Asia with healthy and comfortable lifestyles, both physically and mentally. As a first step, we will promote the type of preventive dentistry that is generating such positive results in Japan (total oral care combining self-care and professional dentistry), in a manner tailored to the actual circumstances in Asian regions.