Research & Development

We create new customer life-based value and
new customer experience-based value.

Fumitomo Noritake
Executive Officer
Executive General Manager of Research and Development Headquarters

Basic Policy and Structure

The basic policy for R&D at Lion is to “contribute to the generation of innovation as the growth engine for becoming an advanced daily healthcare company.” To create new customer life-based value and new customer experience-based value, we combine Lion’s existing technologies with other internal and external technologies, aiming to create new markets and develop new service-oriented businesses. The R&D Division is also strengthening alliances with other businesses in Japan and overseas, and contributing to business growth worldwide.

R&D Structure
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Lion’s R&D Strengths

Lion’s Priority Fields

The strengths of Lion’s R&D are in its connections to consumers through the many products people use every day, and its understanding of their lives. In addition to providing consumer-centric healthy and comfortable living, we continually incorporate various technologies and services to strengthen research and development for healthy minds and bodies for all, aiming to be an advanced daily healthcare company.

R&D to Create Products and Experiences

One of the reasons for customer support of new Lion products is the transformation in our R&D style. For example, the CLINICA Kid’s Toothbrushes have flexible handles that reduce the likelihood of falling down during brushing (product creation), while also considering children who dislike brushing, and offering parents and children an enjoyable brushing habit (experience creation). Lion’s R&D will continue to focus on creating products and experiences both internally and externally.

Innovation with Leading-Edge Technology

The Saliva Test System, an example of one-to-one healthcare

Lion utilizes advanced technologies to create innovation. By combining Big Data analysis, IoT, AI, and iPS technologies from other companies with Lion’s oral care technologies, we are making one-to-one healthcare a reality, furthering development of new service-oriented businesses.