Risk Management

Risk Management to Safeguard Corporate Value
Lion’s Action

In order to continue providing our customers with safe and reliable products, we have appointed a Director Responsible for Risk Management who exhaustively controls and supervises the risk of the whole Lion Group.

The Lion Group’s Rules and Other Structures Relating to the Management of Risk

1. Response under Normal Conditions

  1. The director responsible for the Corporate Strategy Headquarters shall have overall responsibility for risk management for the Group. The Corporate Planning Department shall exhaustively and comprehensively manage the Group’s risk.
  2. The Auditing Office shall audit the status of risk management for each department within the Group and report its findings to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  3. Under normal conditions, each department shall strive to identify its own risks and implement appropriate risk reduction measures. For management risks with the potential to significantly impact business activities, the director of the Board responsible for the relevant department shall consider appropriate risk management measures, which will be deliberated on by the Senior Executive Committees and Executive Committees for implementation.
  4. For the risks management of environment, quality assurance, accidents, and disasters, appropriate countermeasures shall be formulated in advance by the Environmental Conservation Committee, CS/PL Committee*, and Safety, Hygiene and Disaster Prevention Meeting, and, when necessary, deliberated by the Executive Committee.
  5. Each plant is certified with ISO 14001 and eagerly works on quality management and environmental protection.

2. Response in the Event of Emergency

  1. In cases where physical emergencies such as natural disaster and accidents arise, in accordance with the Emergency Response System (the respective manuals for countermeasures against earthquakes or influenza and other infectious diseases), we report the relevant facts to the president and corporate auditors. At the same time, the director of the relevant department shall collect all relevant information, formulate response measures, clarify causes, and determine countermeasures, submitting a report on these actions to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

* CS/PL Committee
Referring to customer satisfaction (CS) and product liability (PL), a cross-departmental committee to promote quality assurance activities

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Lion is pushing ahead with the establishment of its own systems to minimize damages, and continue business so as to provide products to customers even in cases where a large earthquake, the spread of an infectious disease (pandemic), or other contingencies occur.

We set up a task force according to the “Manual on Countermeasures for Seismic Disasters” in cases where seismic disasters occur, and the “Manual on Countermeasures against Novel Influenza and Other Infectious Diseases” in cases where a pandemic due to novel influenza virus or other infectious diseases are expected to occur, so as to respond to such contingencies. Whether the BCP should be implemented or not is determined depending on the size of the disaster and the degree of the damages. If the BCP is implemented, we would give first priority to the supply of consumer products among our businesses. For risks that may have a material impact on our business, we update the countermeasures and report to the Executive Committee annually.